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someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)

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Alors que les figures du pederaste et de l'inverti s'imposent peu a peu en France, dans la colonie, le sodomite domine toujours les representations.
A distinct feature of the Sodomite relationships, one that allows the narrator to label them as "werkes contrare again kynde" (10) is that at least one of the parties involved acts in a female fashion ("on females wyse"), taking up the role of the female lover.
Besides self-promotion, one factor in the success of its much more intense prosecutorial endeavors was the Crown's support, not only in identifying and detaining the sodomites, but also with their public burning at the stake.
Most reviews waxed and waned between giddy glee for these sodomites of the sagebrush and sappy salivation about The Tumescence in the Tent.
Bray pointed out how, in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, "sodomy," in Hammond's rendering, "was more of an ideological category than an erotic preference: sodomites were bracketed with Jesuits, Spanish spies, and werewolves as agents of social and moral subversion," a "way of thinking" that "provided no resources for self-definition" (9).
By the time the reader is finished reading Part Two, he/she clearly understands how the Church erroneously came to believe that its Bible forbade sodomy (the term of the era) and came to view sodomites (again, the term of the era) as enemies of God and the social order.
The way Zingo tells it, and the way the play presents the story, the Marquis of Queensbury and the father of Wilde's young lover, Lord Alfred Douglas, left a card at Wilde's club bearing the phrase, "posing sodomite.
s conclusion recapitulates the book's subtext: the homosexual/ sodomite and the Church's reaction to this state of life.
Take, for example, McFarlane's study, The Sodomite in Fiction and Satire, 1660-1750.
It does so even while condemning in the most vituperative terms "the Sodomite men's proclaimed preference for making love with males" (13).
These chapters consider the homosexual presence, the homosexual body, the biology of desire, homosexuality in the ancient Mediterranean, the invention of the sodomite, mythic representations of same-sex, the nature vs.
Focusing on six sexual types--the sodomite, the tribade, the narcissistic courtier, the bawd, the citizen wife, and the monstrous favorite--DiGangi shows how "signifiers of gender and (more subtly) of sexuality serve to convey arguments about political loyalty, military ethics, and aristocratic comportment" (3).
The judge then instructed the jury to find Queensbury justified in calling Wilde a sodomite.
Invoking the image of sodomite Jewish slave masters is, in Donohue's view, fair play.
The imputation of being a sodomite came to be regarded as a deleterious slur upon manly reputation, so that mere extortionary threats to make this accusation could be successful even without any apparent objective grounds for concern by the man accused.