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someone who engages in anal copulation (especially a male who engages in anal copulation with another male)

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While both the antediluvians and the Sodomites are punished for their homosexual acts, Belzhazzar's fault lies in mishandling sacred objects dedicated to God.
The spectacle of identification that takes place in the pillory scene is excessive to the degree that it attempts to enact the kinds of enjoyment that the sodomite has tried to keep secret.
A long chapter on "Politics and 'Sodomy'" investigates various renderings of the notorious sodomy of Edward II and Piers Gaveston (though not the Marlowe play), James I and the duke of Buckingham (including a remarkable 1655 play by Francis Osborne entitled The True Tragicomedy), and, more unusually, the later seventeenth-century sodomites du jour Titus Oates and William Ill.
Indeed, he resists the impulse to assume "that the increased discursive presence of the sodomite during this period necessarily indicates the emergence of a proto-modern 'homosexual identity,'" seeking, rather, to explore the systems of signification in which "sodomy" and "sodomite" were implicated (4).
In uprooting the signs of sexuality from their conventional biological types, the Sodomites divulge the secret that nothing but signs comprise notions of sexuality.
2) The logic of the etymology, of course, is that the men of Sodom as described in Genesis 19 were indeed sodomites.
1) But recently it has been asked whether the "rhetoric of the stigmatized sodomite is fully inscriptive," whether a sodomitical subject might not be identifiable in Renaissance England after all.
from the old-style bisexual sodomite who held a male on one arm and female on the other while kissing both, to the new-style sodomite who was exclusively homocentric and male oriented'.
These chapters consider the homosexual presence, the homosexual body, the biology of desire, homosexuality in the ancient Mediterranean, the invention of the sodomite, mythic representations of same-sex, the nature vs.
Focusing on six sexual types--the sodomite, the tribade, the narcissistic courtier, the bawd, the citizen wife, and the monstrous favorite--DiGangi shows how "signifiers of gender and (more subtly) of sexuality serve to convey arguments about political loyalty, military ethics, and aristocratic comportment" (3).
The imputation of being a sodomite came to be regarded as a deleterious slur upon manly reputation, so that mere extortionary threats to make this accusation could be successful even without any apparent objective grounds for concern by the man accused.
It is an argument that seems in some ways to confuse the early modern sodomite with the modern homosexual, in particular because Corum seems to suggest that the thing Henry wants always to suppress most is sexual desire for other men (though he equivocates on this point because, as he knows, sodomy in the early modern period is never simply a sexual crime).
For many of them the question comes down to this: Can you drive coast to coast across the United States without entering states that have legal sanctions against the practicing sodomite, remembering that the Georgia law defines sodomy as "any sex act involving the sex organs of one person and the mouth or anus of another'?
These show the gradual, to many people almost imperceptible, path toward the equality of the sodomite lifestyle and same-sex "marriage with the lifestyle of a traditional family of one man and one woman.
But despite this condemnation, sodomy was never considered the practice of a specific subgroup or sexual minority; anyone could be a sodomite.