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the form of ratbite fever occurring in the Far East

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Instead he's glued to the tablet playing Sodoku and practicing his virtual golf swing.
There were side-effects of course, so while his Sodoku abilities improved, the concomitant decrease in dopamine obliged him to self-medicate with homemade vodka, which led to a marked decrease in his willingness to train, which had to be counteracted with steroids, which had their own side-effects, all of which he understood now but was also utterly helpless to change.
He thoroughly enjoyed solving the Sunday crossword and Evil Sodoku puzzles.
The games included Human Sodoku, Modern Patintero, the Padyak Trike Race, the Swimming Pool Challenge and everyone's favorite, the Team Tribal Dance and Cheer Competition.
Whether it's a game of Sodoku, a crossword puzzle, or an engrossing novel, mentally stimulating activities can help keep your mind sharp and your brain producing plenty of neurotrophins--proteins critical to brain maintenance and repair that memory, learning, and higher thinking depend on.