sodium thiosulphate

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a compound used as a fixing agent in photographic developing

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M = Molarity of sodium thiosulphate solution Calculated the peroxide value by the formula:
Interestingly, Dr Max Daunderer from Germany and Bhopal's eminent forensic specialist, Dr Heeresh Chandra, had both found that sodium thiosulphate, when administered intravenously, improved the condition of patients.
It protects the active pharmaceutical ingredient, formulation and use in the company's Nithiodote and Sodium Thiosulphate Injection products.
The excess of iodine was titrated against sodium thiosulphate (hypo) solution (0.
The residual BEI was neutralized by adding sodium thiosulphate solution to the final conc.
After the initial hesitation but convinced later by double blind trials, ICMR recommended sodium thiosulphate therapy to the survivors.
Combination of sodium thiosulphate, cinacalcet, and paricalcitol in the treatment of calciphylaxis with hyperparathyroidism.
Various experimenters learned that sodium hypochlorite, sodium thiosulphate, bromine, and chlorine were effective leaching agents for some gold ores, and the commercial use of these reagents was common by 1880.
She then went into a chemistry lab where Lynda Williams and Lisa Robson demonstrated the chemical reaction caused by mixing hydrochloric acid with sodium thiosulphate.