sodium sulphate

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a solid white bitter salt used in manufacturing glass and paper and dyes and pharmaceuticals

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This national investment in the natural wealth of the Southeast, produces sodium sulphate which is also one of the innumerable varieties of salts, previously imported from abroad, said Ben Ammar.
Three types of alkali activators were used: sodium hydroxide (NaOH), sodium silicate ([Na.sub.2]Si[O.sub.3]), and sodium sulphate ([Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4]).
Sodium sulphate act as a cholagogue by reducing viscosity of bile and increasing movement of bile from gall bladder.
The dried product is then conveyed to a storage silo in the bagging facility.Na2SO4 CrystallisationRemoval of sodium sulphate is essential from the process liquor before it is reused at the front of the process.
There are deposits of potassium, chloride, sodium sulphate salt and other minerals.
Today, most of the sponges we use are made from a combination of wood pulp (cellulose), sodium sulphate crystals, hemp fibers and chemical softeners.
Sodium sulphate for example a very cheap substance can be used as an energy sink for it melts with heat and solidifies in cold and in so doing, latent heat-is released or captured.
Shemilt: "Understanding the mechanism of the formation of chlorine dioxide led to the R2 process, which reacted sodium chlorate, sodium chloride and sulphuric acid to form chlorine dioxide, chlorine, and sodium sulphate, thus utilizing all six oxidating equivalents of the sodium chlorate.
It is evident from equations (1) to (3) that during the electroless deposition the con-centrations of metal ions and reducing ions are decreasing and the concentrations of the reaction pro-ducts (sodium orthophosphite and sodium sulphate) are increasing.
A summary follows of the Committee's evaluations of toxicological data on various specific food additives (hydrogenated ploy-l-decene, erythritol, curdlan, [micro]-cyclodextrin and sodium sulphate), substances used in food fortification (sodium iron EDTA), flavouring agents, peanut oil, soya bean oil and contaminants (lead, methylmercury and zearalenone).
CEL's pounds 9m contract to build a plant on Teesside which manufactures sodium sulphate crystals was described as the one which best applied Active principles to achieve outstanding performance.
I work for a company that produces refined sodium sulphate. The process is simple - a shallow, alkali salt lake with sodium sulphate beds has been diked off into four sections; each area is pumped dry in turn, then the lake bed is mined.
At this stage PMA anticipates production of 3,700 t/y of [V.sub.2.][O.sub.5] high purity flake and 22,000 t/y of sodium sulphate by-product.
This process step was deferred to ensure that no sodium sulphate recirculates into lithium sulphate intermediate, which could contaminate subsequent lithium hydroxide product.