sodium sulphate

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a solid white bitter salt used in manufacturing glass and paper and dyes and pharmaceuticals

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Na2SO4 CrystallisationRemoval of sodium sulphate is essential from the process liquor before it is reused at the front of the process.
Sodium sulphate is produced through a reaction between NaCl and sulfuric acid (H2SO4).
Venturi scrubbers and filtration systems prevent release of sodium sulphate dust, and our stacks release only steam.
Current proven/probable reserves at Aguas Blancas stand at 44M mt, grading 512 ppm iodine, 22% sodium sulphate, and 2.
Tenders are invited for Conversion Of Sodium Sulphate Powder Generated At HWPM To Sodium Sulphide And Supply The Same To HWPM
Prequalification are invited for Reputed And Experienced Firms/ Parties For The Following Sale of IS 255 Grade B quality (98% purity) Sodium Sulphate crystals packed in 50 kg HDPE bags, which is likely to be produced in the next two years (Approx, quantity : 400 MT)