sodium sulfate

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a solid white bitter salt used in manufacturing glass and paper and dyes and pharmaceuticals

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It selected Veolia Water Technologies for the installation of the sodium sulfate crystallization circuit.
The system will be built around Catalyx's patent-pending Two-Way Osmosis (TWO) system that utilizes a unique membrane to employ forward osmosis (a pressure free water transport mechanism used by plant roots) combined with traditional reverse osmosis to dewater 5%-7% sodium sulfate brine without the need for additional chemical or other pre-treatment.
The pooled ether was concentrated under vacuum and passed through anhydrous sodium sulfate to remove any residual water.
chemical separation, offering important advantages over existing sodium sulfate drying.
This separates the slurry solution into sulfur sulfite, which is recycled for further flue gas scrubbing, and acidic sodium sulfate solution saturated with sodium dioxide gas.
Six tenders for the import of various industrial chemicals including (a) 850 tons sodium tri polyphosphate, (b) 3,000 tons anhydrous sodium sulfate, (c) 3,300 tons sodium carbonate (light soda ash), (d) 400 tons refining dust, (e) 10 tons filtration agent, also (f) 20 tons non - ionic detergent.
Between July 1997 and December 1998, the researchers at least once a month spread powdered sodium sulfate on 2-meter-by2-m plots of a peat bog in northeastern Scotland.
chemical separation, offering important advantages ever existing sodium sulfate drying.
The by-product is a sodium sulfate and water solution that is accepted by most municipal sewer systems.
Lot 1 (94) macrogol 3350 / sodium sulfate / sodium chloride / potassium chloride / ascorbic acid / sodium ascorbato.
Five tenders requesting international offers to supply (a) 1,500 tons sodium sulfate, (b) 600 tons refining dust, (c) 1,000 tons sodium tri polyphosphate, (d) 5 tons filtration additives & (e) 3 tons non ionic materials.
Unlike sodium sulfate, which can retain water-soluble compounds resulting in lower analyte recoveries, the membrane has an unlimited capacity for removing residual water from solvent extracts without retaining the analytes of interest.