sodium sulfate

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a solid white bitter salt used in manufacturing glass and paper and dyes and pharmaceuticals

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Penoles is the world's largest producer of refined silver and the leader in metallic bismuth in the Americas, the leading Latin American producer of refined gold and lead, and among the main refined zinc and sodium sulfate producers worldwide.
[ClickPress, Tue May 21 2019] The global aluminum sodium sulfate market experienced a steady growth in 2015 and is likely to stay consistent during the forecast period.
Commercial boneless pork loins and bone-in-back ribs were treated with a topical spray of sodium sulfate at 1.5 pH and 1.0 pH.
Chemicals purchased from Fisher Scientific were ferric chloride (Fe[Cl.sub.3] x 6[H.sub.2]O, 99.8%), sodium sulfate ([Na.sub.2]S[O.sub.4], 99.9%), ascorbic acid (USP/FCC), hydrochloric acid (HCl, 37.3%), nitric acid (HN[O.sub.3], 69.5%), sodium hydroxide (NaOH, 98%), and buffer solution (0.2 M sodium acetate, 96%) and from HiMedia were potassium iodide (KI[O.sub.3], 99%).
Two tenders for the supply and erection of (a) two AVR - automatic voltage regulators, also (b) a brand new evaporator with related accessories for the sodium sulfate minerals factory.
The other banned export goods are chemical items: carbon smut, sodium sulfate, sodium carbonate, cosmic sodium, sulfuric acid, benzene, bicarbonate of soda, styrene monomer, polyethylene, propylene, PVC, polystyrene, diethyl phthalate, terephthalate, acrylonitrile, butanic styrene, melamine crystal and LAB.
Two crew members died Tuesday after collapsing aboard a chemical tanker inside the port of Nagoya, possibly due to inhaling toxic fumes as they cleaned a tank that had been carrying sodium sulfate, Japan Coast Guard officials said.
SPV also plans to expand its production capacity for sodium sulfate from 142,000 tons to 188,000 ton per year.
Its cargo, 3,200 tons of sodium sulfate, was unloaded a few months ago but one of the engines of the vessel became dysfunctional when part of the chemical substance burned while unloading.
PEG 4000 and different salts which were sodium citrate, sodium dihydrogen phosphate, magnesium sulfate and sodium sulfate.
Watanabe then tested five amino acids, adding histidine, arginine and tryptophan, and mixed them with sodium sulfate.