sodium silicate

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a viscous glass consisting of sodium silicate in solution

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The sodium hydroxide and the sodium silicate solutions were first mixed with each other and stirred to obtain a homogeneous mixture of the solutions before adding them to the solids.
That is, the sodium silicate is composed of [H.sub.2]O and [Na.sub.2]O.
Sodium silicate is a product commonly used in manufacturing soap, detergent, rubber and plastic, among other products.
If the project is implemented as scheduled, the sodium silicate plant will commence its commercial operations in April 2001.
York Water District officials used [N.sup.R] sodium silicate solution from PQ Corporation of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, which has a relatively high silica (Si[O.sub.2]) to sodium oxide ([Na.sub.2]O) ratio of 3.22.
He stated that sodium silicate is a basic ingredient of laundry soap which is processed from soda ash.
sodium silicate (USE PPE) to the batch and continue medium speed
In this article, sodium silicate was selected as reactive component, inorganic microspheres reinforced PU composite was prepared successfully, and the reaction temperature, mechanical properties, flame resistance, and the microstructures of PU/silicate composite were studied in detail, and related chemical reaction equations and possible formation mechanism of PU/silicate composite were also discussed.
Supply of 2,000 tons sodium silicate in liquid form.
Previously, most of the SBA-15 was obtained using expensive TEOS as silica precursors; thus efforts have been made to use inexpensive sodium silicate as a silica source [10-12].
Topics treated include curing kinetics of phenol formaldehyde resin modified with sodium silicate, knitted fabric made of jutecell fiber, an ESD simulator console, design of a device to measure gun wall temperatures, and control of inverse system decoupling.
For many years, the term chemical grouts was synonymous with sodium silicate grouts but in the last three decades a lot of chemical compounds were produced as chemical grouts which provide a wide selection for grouting (Shroff and Dhananjay 1999).
A 1982 report, "The Mechanism, Control and Application of Self-Setting Sodium Silicate Binder Systems," set out to explain the characteristics of nobake sodium silicate binders as a system with the least ecological impact.
The other type of silica, called precipitated silica, is made by acidification of cheaper sodium silicate to produce silicic acid that further condenses to precipitate out the silica.
Barrier Dynamics LLC has obtained a patent for a method for preparing an intumescent composition comprised of mixing a finely ground borate compound selected from the group consisting of borax, calcium borate, magnesium borate and zinc borate, with a first sodium silicate solution; spreading the mixture in a thin layer; drying the mixture to a constant weight; pulverizing the mixture into particles; and adding the pulverized particles to a second sodium silicate solution.