sodium silicate

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a viscous glass consisting of sodium silicate in solution

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Sodium silicate (water glass) was obtained from Shandong Laiyang Hengxin Chemical.
Another admixture used was sodium silicate water solution (produced by Lithuanian company Remesta) with dry [Na.
By performing an analysis called the Retort analysis and determining the ratio of water and oil to solids in cutting, the amount of cement and sodium silicate required for stabilization and fixation is determined.
To this end, the binding phase consisting of colloidal sodium silicate solution ([Na.
Different amounts of other ingredients of Iranian washing powders (CMC, Sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide) were also added to each mixture.
The project engineering team selected sodium silicate grout for the project.
Sodium silicate may be produced on-site at the precipitation facility or purchased from a dedicated sodium silicate manufacturing facility.
Tokyo Electric Power Co spokesperson Naoki Tsunoda said the company's attempt to stem the leak by injecting 1,500 litres of "water glass", or sodium silicate, and another agent near a seaside pit where the water was leaking appeared to have been successful.
Earlier, fuel rods operator of reactor 2 said it had injected 400 gallons of "liquid gas", or sodium silicate and a hardening agent near a cracked pit that leaked highly radioactive water directly into the ocean.
An antiperspirant active is added to the blend as well as sodium silicate, potassium silicate, calcium silicate, magnesium silicate, zinc silicate, aluminum silicate or mixtures thereof.
Sodium silicate was added to the solution to form silicate walls near surfactant micelles.
Aster Silicates, a manufacturer of sodium silicate, will debut on the secondary equity market today, 28 July 2010.
The aim of the present study is to investigate whether sodium silicate will induce autoimmune thyroid disease in immunosensitive rats.
Laboratory grade Sodium hydroxide in pellet form (98 percent purity) and Sodium Silicate solution ([Na.