sodium silicate

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a viscous glass consisting of sodium silicate in solution

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North America held a significant share of the Sodium Silicate Market in 2014 due to the increasing investments in the gas and oil refinery processing and rising agriculture, waste water treatment and construction activities.
Liquid Sodium Silicate (LSS) also known as water glass or liquid glass is used in the preparation of activated silica that is readily used for the treatment of portable water.
Several kinds of low molecular weight alkoxides such as tetraethoxysilane (TEOS), tetramethoxysilane (TMOS) and sodium silicate are mostly used as silica precursors.
Sodium silicate (water glass) was obtained from Shandong Laiyang Hengxin Chemical.
Sodium silicate, Methyltrimethoxysilane, Polymethylsilsesquioxane, Superhydrophobic, Emulsification
Another admixture used was sodium silicate water solution (produced by Lithuanian company Remesta) with dry [Na.
1999) used sodium silicate with aluminum sulfate to study the dimensional behavior of these composites by varying humidity and temperature.
i) Sodium silicate ii) Calcium silicate iii) Silicic acid Factor B.
2] micro particles, ash, sodium silicate solution, plasticizers) highly depend on nanostructures formed during cement hydration.
1) heating a slurry of raw titanium dioxide particles to a temperature of from 85 to 1000[degrees]C, (2) adding citric acid as a solution in water to the slurry to form a mixture, (3) adjusting the pH of the mixture to 10 or more, (4) adding sufficient sodium silicate as a water solution to the mixture to deposit silica on the surface of the particles of from 1 to 6% based on the weight of the titanium dioxide particles in the slurry, (5) neutralizing the slurry by addition of a mineral acid over the course of one hour, thereby forming a slurry of silica coated titanium dioxide particles; B.
The project engineering team selected sodium silicate grout for the project.
Sodium silicate may be produced on-site at the precipitation facility or purchased from a dedicated sodium silicate manufacturing facility.
27 July 2011 - Indian rating agency CARE gave today BBB- and A3 ratings to the bank facilities of Kiran Global Chems Limited (KGCL), a producer of sodium silicate.
Tokyo Electric Power Co spokesperson Naoki Tsunoda said the company's attempt to stem the leak by injecting 1,500 litres of "water glass", or sodium silicate, and another agent near a seaside pit where the water was leaking appeared to have been successful.