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a long-acting barbiturate used as a sedative

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For instance, if the IV line is not flushed properly between the administration of sodium pentothal and pancuronium bromide, a precipitate could form that could clog the IV line.
Hence, drugs such as sodium pentothal and sodium amytal hardly
Army documents declassified last September confirmed that the school used training manuals advocating the use of torture, false imprisonment, sodium pentothal and assassination.
It was 1974, and his colleagues were having some success with the treatment, a combination of sodium pentothal, known during the Second World War as truth serum, and Ritalin, a mild amphetamine that when given to hyperactive children helps them gather their scattered thoughts.
The machine injects a syringe of sodium pentothal into the sterile tube.
A few years ago, when my father was under sodium pentothal in surgery, he spoke for two hours in fluent Spanish (his surgeon was a native Spanish-speaker), "babbling Mexican," as my half-Cherokee stepmother put it.
General anesthetics considered safe for patients at risk for MH include nitrous oxide (laughing gas); narcotics such as morphine, Demerol, and fentanyl; sedative-hypnotics such as sodium pentothal or propofol; tranquilizers such as Valium, midazolam, and droperidol; and what we term "nondepolarizing" muscle relaxants: pancuronium, metocurine, atracurium, and vecuronium.
The method was widely used by Western intelligence agencies during the Cold War, before it emerged that the drugs used - typically the barbiturate sodium pentothal - may induce hallucinations, delusions and psychotic manifestations
Posner writes that Zubaydah was questioned by two Arab-Americans posing as Saudi security personnel, having been given drugs including the `truth serum' sodium pentothal.
FBI agents frustrated at the lack of progress in their interrogations of those four now mutter in the Washington Post about using sodium pentothal, or turning the suspects over to a country where beatings or other torture is used.
The prison execution team inserted needles in both of Berry's arms to administer the fatal dose of sodium pentothal, pavulon and potassium chloride.