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a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group

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The organic modifiers in test, sodium stearate and sodium oleate, were all chemically pure reagents provided by Beijing JingweiHuabo Co., Ltd.
Figure 1 shows the influences of modifier dosage on the contact angle of Ti[O.sub.2] wetted by water after Ti[O.sub.2] particles were modified with sodium stearate and sodium oleate. Figure 2 shows the microscopic image of wetting contact angle.
According to Figure 1, the contact angle continuously enlarged with the increase of modifier dosage after Ti[O.sub.2] is modified with sodium stearate and sodium oleate. The angles are 125.6[degrees] (modified with sodium stearate) and 121.3[degrees] (modified with sodium oleate), larger than 90[degrees], critical between hydrophile and hydrophobicity, when modifier dosage is 1.5%.
Sodium oleate and sodium petroleum sulphonate were attempted as scheelite collector.
The most satisfactory reagent combination used was found to be 600 g/t sodium oleate, 1200 g/t sodium silicate 50 g/t of polyglycol wetting agent.
Figure 5 illustrates the flotation performance of El-Nakheil oil shale investigated as a function of pH using 300 g/ton sodium oleate as a collector and Procol f890 as a frother.
Figure 6 illustrates the influence of sodium oleate additions on the flotation performance of El-Nakheil oil shale investigated at pH 3.
The goal of this work is to study the influence of sodium oleate addition on the rheology, structure formation, and processing of a binary PP/CPA mixture.
Influence of Sodium Oleate Addition on Viscous Properties of Mixture Melts
Copper chloride, oleic acid, and phenyl ether were provided by Sigma Aldrich; sodium oleate was provided by TCI; hexane and ethanol were provided by J.
In a typical synthesis, 1.08 g of copper chloride and 3.65 g of sodium oleate were dissolved in a mixture of hexane, ethanol, and distilled water.
Add iron chloride hexahydrate (10.8 g, 80 mmol), sodium oleate (36.5 g, 240 mmol) to a mixed solution of ethanol (80 mL), deionized water (60 mL), and hexane (140 mL).