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a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group

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Sodium oleate and sodium petroleum sulphonate were attempted as scheelite collector.
The effects of sodium silicate and sodium polyphosphate on the floatability of the scheelite mineral with sodium oleate as collector were investigated.
03% recovery using additional quantity of sodium oleate as collector, sodium silicate and quebracho as regulators for the gangue minerals in the cleaner circuits.
Figure 5 illustrates the flotation performance of El-Nakheil oil shale investigated as a function of pH using 300 g/ton sodium oleate as a collector and Procol f890 as a frother.
Figure 6 illustrates the influence of sodium oleate additions on the flotation performance of El-Nakheil oil shale investigated at pH 3.
The microwave exposure resulted in a decrease, to a certain degree, of sodium oleate dosage.
The goal of this work is to study the influence of sodium oleate addition on the rheology, structure formation, and processing of a binary PP/CPA mixture.
Influence of Sodium Oleate Addition on Viscous Properties of Mixture Melts