sodium lauryl sulphate

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a caustic detergent useful for removing grease

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Finally, if you still feel you need a mouthwash, there are brands that contain neither sodium lauryl sulphate nor anti-septic, sold as being extra gentle for those with "sensitive gums.
The effective ingredients of herbal toothpaste 4 are sodium lauryl sulphate and herbal extracts derived from Streblus asper (toothbrush tree) leaf extract, Clinacanthus nutans (Phaya Yo), Murraya paniculata (Orange jessamine) and essential oils of peppermint and eucalyptus.
Palm oil is hidden inside a range of packaged foods, body care and cleaning products under names like palmitate, sodium lauryl sulphate and stearic acid--even in presumably healthy foods like Earth Balance vegan margarine.
The stability of the metachromatic complex has been determined by studying the ease of reversal by using alcohols, namely methanol, ethanol and 2-Propanol as well by the addition of urea, sodium chloride, sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium carboxy methylcellulose.
Parabens, for example, are thought to cause cancer, while sodium lauryl sulphate can penetrate the skin and accumulate in the liver, as well as being thought to cause cataracts.
Most shampoos contain one of two chemicals sodium lauryl sulphate or sodium laureth sulphate and neither of them causes cancer.
Propylene glycol, say, which is used in many hair care products and perfumes, is also used in anti-freeze, while shampoos and bubble baths commonly contain sodium lauryl sulphate,a well-known irritant.
The selective agent in the medium, sodium lauryl sulphate, inhibits the growth of Gram-positive microorganisms that may interfere with the growth of the target organisms.
Propylene glycol, say, which is used in many haircare products and perfumes, is also used in anti-freeze, while shampoos and bubble baths commonly contain sodium lauryl sulphate, a known irritant.
Sodium lauryl sulphate, an ingredient in most shampoos, bubble baths and shower gels, is actually an industrial detergent used to clean factories and de-grease engines.
A study presented by University of Labal researchers in Toronto showed that sodium lauryl sulphate inhibits the attachment of HIV-1 to target cells.
Glycerin + PEG 400 + Silica + Calcium Sodium Phosphosilicate + Sodium Lauryl sulphate + Titanium dioxide + flavor + Carbomer Potassium Acesulfame 300 tube of 50gm.
More recently this has included banning single use plastic bags, adopting an ethical policy when sourcing raw materials and removing chemicals such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulphate from toiletry products and body care ranges.