sodium-vapour lamp

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lamp in which an electric current passed through a tube of sodium vapor makes a yellow light

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The tunnel, which has separate lanes for vehicles and pedestrians heading to the mosque, contains 882 sodium lamps, 2,123 fluorescent lamps, 68 jet fans, eight escalators and eight devices for measuring carbon monoxide levels, according to the municipality.
Just over 100 staff will remain at the factory, producing low pressure sodium lamps for the global market.
Instead of standard bulbs, opt for LEDs, yellow "bug lights", or sodium lamps.
These LED lights will use up about 67 per cent less energy over 20 years, compared to the high-pressure sodium lamps currently used in lighting older roads," Martin Valentine, lighting expert at the Municipality of Abu Dhabi City, told Gulf News.
Foremost among the recommendations was the replacement of conventional fluorescent tubes and SON sodium lamps with lower wattage, more efficient LED alternatives from the company's Goodlight[TM] range.
5 billion street lighting scheme with Amey, with a 25-year programme to switch all of the city's major street lights from sodium lamps to LED lamps.
Compact and straight fluorescent lamps, low pressure sodium lamps, high intensity discharge lamps and other lighting equipment are all eligible for the recycling bins which can be found at Ikea and other stores.
There is a mix of warm-tone, high-pressure sodium lamps and, where needed, ceramic metal halide.
The vegetable plants were grown to harvest time in a greenhouse under daylight with supplementary lighting provided by standard high-pressure sodium lamps.
High-pressure sodium lamps have also been developed that can start on the mercury vapor ballasts using either an internal ignition aid, such as a glow bottle and resistor that generates a high voltage pulse in the ballast secondary winding, or by the use of a neon-argon penning mixture and starting antenna that together result in a suitably low breakdown voltage for lamps to reliably start (Richardson 1975).
I'M walking along a damp tiled passage, flanked on either side by ranks of huge stainless steel cylinders with pipes and valves, all gleaming in the stark light from sodium lamps in the ceiling.
The existing sodium lamps on the campus streets would give way to LEDs.
So far, of the 48,000,000 high-pressure sodium lamps used in the PRC, less than 5% have been replaced by the energy-efficient lamps, meaning there is a huge potential demand for "green" street lamps in the market.
However, it was fully renewed on May 26 and started focusing on artificial light, including LED, fluorescent, and sodium lamps.