sodium iodide

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a crystalline salt used like potassium iodide

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Also, a limited sodium iodide symporter (NIS) expression was determined in normal epididymis, testis, and prostate tissues (4).
Radioiodide imaging and radiovirotherapy of multiple myeloma using VSV(Delta51)-NIS, an attenuated vesicular stomatitis virus encoding the sodium iodide symporter gene.
3 Potassium iodide and sodium iodide both produce the same number of ions in aqueous solution.
The treatment group received an average of 11 mg/day of sodium iodide and the control group nothing.
Thyroid tumors that are too large or invasive to remove with surgery usually respond well to treatment with radioactive sodium iodide, which is an alternative to external beam radiation.
Similarly, there are people who shoot sodium iodide into clouds or do rain dances or .
A sodium iodide symporter is genetically fused to either the N-terminus or C-terminus of the product of a transgene through a linker peptide which bears the recognition sequence of a host cell protease.
The potassium ion -- crown complex replaces the sodium ion in the clay and leaves sodium iodide in solution.
Cloning of the human sodium Iodide [sic] symporter.
A high purity germanium detector was found to produce a better response than a thallium activated sodium iodide crystal.
All radiation detection devices sense radiation using either a sodium iodide crystal or a plastic scintillator.
Iodized Salt: Table salt to which sodium iodide is added back after processing.
131 i sodium iodide in capsules, thyroid cancer treatment (200 mci).