sodium hydroxide

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a strongly alkaline caustic used in manufacturing soap and paper and aluminum and various sodium compounds

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Major factor driving the market of sodium hydroxide in Oman region is increasing use of NaOH in number of industries including chemical, automotive, water treatment, and food and beverage.
Released sodium hydroxide can further cause ocular trauma.
In all the experiments, fish scales solution was titrated against primary standard HCl for determination of the unconsumed base in order to know that how much sodium hydroxide has been utilized during hydrolysis.
Table 4 shows the effect of concentration of sodium hydroxide on the surface area of aluminium dross.
Many details of membrane cell process were used such as temperature of discharge current, sodium hydroxide concentration and materials quality, and its difference with mercury cell process is using water without ion.
The sodium will then immediately react with water to produce sodium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.
This paper presents results of an investigation on the the characterization of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) in causticization processes, and its influence on the reactive dyeing of lyocell fabric by exhaust, pad-dry-cure and pad-batch methods.
It can be that the sodium hydroxide was contained within the flame in a state of vapour or that particles removed from that body that augmented the illuminating power.
(2004) which concluded after incubation NaOH treated straw with rumen fungi, dry matter losses were 38%, and 20% loss in the initial DM following sodium hydroxide treatment reported by Fahey et al.
Northumbrian Water had reported an escape of sodium hydroxide from its Mosswood water treatment works into the Wallish Walls Burn.
The silicon and the aluminium in the low-calcium fly ash react with an alkaline liquid that is a combination of sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide solutions to form the geopolymer paste that binds the aggregates and other un-reacted materials.
If the seawater gathered then and there is electrolyzed by offshore wind power generation to produce sodium metal, and the sodium is transported to a power consumption place on land and made to react with water, the hydrogen generated can be supplied as electric power to a thermal power station, and the sodium hydroxide, a by-product, supplied as a raw material to the soda industry for almost nothing.
POLICE sources said yesterday that the bomb was a "viable" device constructed of sodium hydroxide, kerosene, strips of aluminium foil and nails.
More than 100 people were treated at hospitals in April after dangerous amounts of sodium hydroxide, or lye, poured into the municipal water system because of operator error.