monosodium glutamate

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white crystalline compound used as a food additive to enhance flavor

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Tersperse(r)2700 (a dispersant), 1-naphthalene sulfonic acid, sodium salt (a wetter), lignosulfonic acid, sodium salt (a dispersant-cum-binder), sodium acetate (a disintegrant), sodium alginate and sodium glutamate (as nutritive sources as well as protectant) were selected as basic components of a WG-conidia formulation as they were not harmful to MPs with germination beyond 80%, when conidia was exposed to these additives (Table 4).
The crispy snack that is free from mono sodium glutamate and unhealthy preservatives, will be available in all the shops in Doha shortly," Elias said.
DepEd also prohibits the use of mono sodium glutamate or vetsin in food.
Genetic variation in sensitivity to 6-n-propylthiourcacil, a bitter compound, or variations in sensitivity to mono sodium glutamate will impact consumption of bitter foods (Tepper et al.
Energy drinks, milk and yogurt with artificial flavours, lollipops and chewing gums, confectionaries with sugar and artificial colour, chocolates, food with sodium glutamate content, high fat foods and chips should not be sold in canteens, it states.
Eight tenders for the supply of (a) 700 tons caustic soda in liquid form, 65 tons sodium hypochlorite and 20 tons calcium carbonate, (b) 7 tons mono sodium glutamate, (c) 62 tons of special material to collect/ attract residuals, (d) 8 tons antifoam for sugar beat washing, (e) ionic exchange resins, (f) 12 high pressure oxygen cylinders, (g) 750 Kg carbon coal, also (h) homo polymer vinyl acetate.
50) which was tasty, tangy and not riven by mono sodium glutamate like you usually find in sweet and sour-type sauces.
A new sausage aimed at children is being launched this summer which proclaims to be low in fat and salt, and free of the preservative mono sodium glutamate.