sodium dichromate

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a red-orange salt used as a mordant

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NTP Technical Report on the Toxicity Studies of Sodium Dichromate Dihydrate (CAS No.
The alumina present in the sodium chromate solution was removed by adding sodium dichromate solution by maintaining the pH at about 9, sodium dichromate caused the hydrated alumina to crystallize.
In addition, workers removed approximately 200 gallons of sodium dichromate from pipelines, preventing potential leaks and groundwater contamination.
In the summer of that year, contract work crews and safety personnel identified sodium dichromate as a potential occupational hazard in the work environment.
Studies of sodium dichromate dihydrate F344/ N rats and B6C3FI mice (drinking water studies).
The Eaglescliffe site, which now employs around 118, ended production of chromic acid and chrome sulphate and concentrates on chrome oxide and sodium dichromate.
The Eaglescliffe site, which now employs around 118, ended production of chromic acid and chrome sulphate, and concentrates on chrome oxide and sodium dichromate.
Caloric/reserves were calculated spectrophotometrically after females were homogenized in a solution of sodium dichromate and sulfuric acid.
Among the chemicals used are sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide, chromic acid and sodium dichromate.
These 10 most reported carcinogens were arsenic, arsenic trioxide, asbestos, benzene, benzidine, lead chromate, sodium arsenate, sodium arsenite, sodium dichromate, and vinyl chloride (3,4).
The EPA document says hexavalent chromium, usually in the form of sodium dichromate, or other corrosion inhibitors are often added to cooling tower water to protect the metal components of the heat exchanger, chiller, and cooling tower from corrosion.
The core element is a shift from the international chrome value chain to centralization in South Africa, where chrome ore is processed into the intermediate sodium dichromate and ultimately to chrome specialties, predominantly chrome tanning salts for use in tanneries worldwide.
Chromium trioxide and sodium dichromate are both identified as SVHCs under REACH and Dalic is a member of the CTAC consortium applying for authorisation for their continued use.
During the spring and summer of 2003, KBR's managers received repeated notice of the sodium dichromate contamination at the site, including the nature of the hazard and the need for protective equipment," his complaint alleges.