sodium cyanide

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a white poisonous salt (NaCN) used in electroplating

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The new Texas facility produces solid sodium cyanide briquettes and has the capability of shipping product in hopper cars, ISO containers (Solid to Liquid Systems or SLS) and 1-mt bag/boxes.
Tenders are invited for Sodium Cyanide Technical Grade In Pellet Form To Is :256 To Be Supplied In 5 Or 10 Kg Plastic Container Only In Sealed Condition Along With Manufacturer Test Certificate And Material Data Sheet.
About 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide were stored at the blast site and they remain intact, according to the report.
Ltd, which operates the warehouse, is licensed to store an array of dangerous chemicals, including flammable gas and liquid, as well as other hazardous chemicals, such as potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate and sodium cyanide, calcium silicate and Toluene Diisocyanate.
After his arrest, police found four briquettes of sodium cyanide, one with an amount carved off, stowed away in Miss Lewis's blue Mercedes car, which he had continued to drive after her death.
Sodium cyanide, which interrupts the uptake of oxygen in cells, rapidly causes death from asphyxiation if it is swallowed.
Some of the expansions will be used to supply new units making sodium derivatives - lime-soda-caustic, sodium bicarbonate, sodium sulphite, and sodium cyanide.
Around 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide was being stored at the warehouse where the blasts took place, He Shushan, a Tianjin vice mayor, told a news conference at the hotel Monday.
Officials with Tianjin bureau of environmental protection said that the roughly 700 tons of sodium cyanide that had been stored at the site "remained mostly unaffected," according to the report.
BISHKEK: Kyrgyzstan: A truck carrying 20 tons of highly toxic sodium cyanide has fallen into a river, threatening to contaminate a large and ecologically important lake in Kyrgyzstan.
The pond solutions are alkaline and contain small quantities of sodium cyanide from the leach process.