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a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group

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[USPRwire, Tue Aug 27 2019] Global Sodium Citrate Anhydrous Market Overview Sodium citrate anhydrous is a sodium salt of citric acid.
Platelet function analysis with PFA-100 in patients medicated with acetylsalicylic acid strongly depends on concentration of sodium citrate used for anticoagulation of blood sample.
It is evident from Table 1, that there was of prevalence 16 percent of sub-clinical mastitis in the milk shed area and this can be brought down to 8 percent, by supplementing Tri sodium citrate (Mbonwanay, 2016).
vannamei, which included sodium formate, sodium acetate, sodium lactate, sodium propionate, sodium butyrate, sodium fumarate, sodium succinate, or sodium citrate, there was significantly improved growth for those fed with the sodium propionate-, sodium butyrate-, sodium fumarate-, and sodium succinate-treated diets (Silva et al.
Therefore, the purpose of this study was to evaluate six potential glycolytic modulators namely, pyruvic acid, oxalic acid, Zn acetate, sodium citrate, fructose diphosphate (FDP) and sodium bicarbonate on actively growing A549 (cancer) and MRC-5 (normal) cell lines.
Silver nitrate, sodium citrate, R6G, and methyl cellulose (MC) were purchased from Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Beijing Co.
Flip over a box of Velveeta and you'll find there, listed among the other ingredients, the reason that it slices so easily and melts so uniformly: sodium citrate. This white, crystalline ingredient looks like salt, and in fact it is a salt -- a salt of citric acid, which is a natural component of citrus fruits.
Typically used water reducing admixtures are sodium citrate, sodium silicate, sodium salt of CMC and phenolic resins (5,6,7,8).
More recent practice changes focus on dressings with chlorhexidine gel, needleless access devices that do not need to be removed during hemodialysis, and sodium citrate 4% catheter locks.
Saturday morning was spent making gold nanoparticles by heating gold hydrogen tetrachloride solution and then adding sodium citrate solution.
Results indicated that phosphates--disodium phosphate, tetrasodium pyrophosphate and polyphosphate--and sodium citrate improved the heat stability of the beverages during storage.
Here is one of the 'easy' questions questions from 1990: The ingredients in lemonade are: A) carbonated water B) sugar C) glucose syrup D) citric acid E) flavourings F) acidity regulator (sodium citrate) G) preservative (sodium benzoate) H) artificial sweetener (Saccharin) Use the list of ingredients above to help you to answer this question: Which is the substance in lemonade which (i) could be fermented into alcohol?
The purpose of the study was to assess the effects of sodium citrate ingestion on the metabolic response to exercise and performance in a 1500-m competitive run in trained female middle-distance runners in field conditions.