sodium chloride

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a white crystalline solid consisting mainly of sodium chloride (NaCl)

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Production sites of sodium chloride in Egypt are in the Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, inland lakes, in addition to the Qattara Depression and Siwa Oasis, noting that the latter has billions of tonnes of the compound.
The researchers found that changes in temperature produced the greatest increase in volatile levels, followed by the addition of sodium chloride.
IMARC's new TMMR "Sodium Chloride Market Report: Volume, Value, Prices, Applications, Manufacturers, Regional Breakup, Manufacturing Process, Raw Materials, Mass Balance" provides a technical, analytical and statistical insight into the sodium chloride market.
The inoculated samples were then treated with 1% hydrogen peroxide, 2% hydrogen peroxide, 200 ppm of sodium chloride and distilled water for periods of 0.
It can be concluded that feeding higher sodium levels especially as sodium chloride for first two weeks may result in increases in body weight and feed efficiency but this effect did not persist till marketable age of broiler.
Water evaporates in custom made Solar Seat evaporators, eliminating impurities and producing salt containing 84 percent sodium chloride and 16, percent trace minerals and electrolytes.
Sodium bicarbonate proved so superior to sodium chloride in preventing radiocontrast-induced nephropathy that the first randomized study to directly compare the two agents was halted early.
and Canadian scientists to examine and update sodium chloride (and other electrolyte) consumption recommendations for healthy adults.
During rehydration, an effective way of replacing the decreasing blood volume due to sweating is by combining sodium chloride with water (11).
Its chemical name is sodium chloride and its formula is NaCl.
TIP 0606-10 "Specific gravity of sodium chloride solutions"
Although expressly describing black salt as sodium chloride, the book claims it has medicinal uses: 'As it does not increase the sodium content of the blood, unlike ordinary salt, it is recommended for patients with high blood pressure or those on a low salt diet.
In losing that much sweat, the player can also lose enough sodium chloride to equal 2 to 3 teaspoons of table salt.
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