sodium chlorate

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a colorless salt (NaClO3) used as a weed killer and an antiseptic

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Total domestic production of sodium chlorate was 737 kt during the first eight months, an increase of nearly 6% over the same period last year.
On May 31, 2019, ERCO Worldwide ('ERCO') announced to its employees and customers that it would be closing the sodium chlorate production facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan ('Saskatoon sodium chlorate facility') before the end of 2019.
[ClickPress, Fri May 24 2019] The purpose of this rich study presented by FactMR is to elaborate the various market projections impacting the global sodium chlorate market during the period until 2027.
Cannon, "Mechanism of combustion in low-exothermic mixtures of sodium chlorate and metal fuel," Combustion and Flame, vol.
Rowzee did report, however, that "[c]ompounds consistent with the decontamination of a dwelling using chlorine dioxide/chlorite were found," and that the symptoms reported by plaintiffs were "consistent with an overexposure to chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite and sodium chlorate."
"It will also enable us to strengthen our integrated platform for the production of hydrogen peroxide and sodium chlorate at the Columbus site."
Canexus produces sodium chlorate and chlor-alkali products largely for the pulp and paper, water treatment and oil & gas industries.
Arlington, VA, April 04, 2015 --( IMARC's new TMMR “Sodium Chlorate Technical Material Market Report” provides a technical, analytical and statistical insight into the sodium chlorate market.
The other three are high-tech imaging devices, synthetic rubber and sodium chlorate.
Three tenders for the import of (a) 2,000 tons sodium chlorate, (b) 3 tons red & blue pigment & (c) local supply of 100 tons methanol of 99.8 % to 99.9 % concentration.
Commercial Cl[O.sub.2] is commonly generated using chemical methods that react sodium chloride, sodium hypochlorite, or sodium chlorate with sulfuric acid or hydrochloride acid [18, 19].
28, 2012, was caused by the ignition of an organic industrial filter cartridge filled with sodium chlorate. The ignition was likely caused by the sodium chlorate's reaction to an electric saw, which employees were given permission to use to remove metal end caps and mesh from the filter, the report said.
CSX spokesman Gary Sease said in an email that sodium chlorate is on one of the trains, which the Department of Transportation classifies as a hazardous material.
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