sodium chlorate

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a colorless salt (NaClO3) used as a weed killer and an antiseptic

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With respect to the cleaning agents used, Borak noted that there was "no evidence of residual chlorine dioxide, sodium chlorite or sodium chlorate in plaintiffs' home," and no "evidence that .
What has been the historical and current volume trends in the sodium chlorate market?
Our global competitiveness at exporting sodium chlorate rests on low electricity costs, ready access to fresh water supplies, and on our proximity to some of the world's largest pulp manufacturing plants, providing us with an undisputable edge in the North American market.
28, 2012, was caused by the ignition of an organic industrial filter cartridge filled with sodium chlorate.
Nick Materer, an Oklahoma State University chemist, said sodium chlorate fumes can irritate the lungs if inhaled.
But Baltimore County Fire Chief John Hohman said sodium chlorate was not in any of the train cars that set on fire.
German biologists have transformed stem cells from the spinal cord of mice into immature nerve cells by changing the cellular environment, known as the extracellular matrix, using sodium chlorate.
The European Commission condemned four groups of manufacturers, on 28 March, for their agreements to allocate share volumes and fix prices for sodium chlorate, an oxidising agent used mainly to whiten paper.
GACL expands hydrogen peroxide plant and gears up to manufacture Sodium Chlorate Crystal
The culprit was soon identified as a new weedkiller containing sodium chlorate.
The company is to first install the new lower cost distributed generation solution in a six-megawatt CLEARgen system at the ERCO Worldwide (ERCO) sodium chlorate plant in North Vancouver, British Columbia.
By the electrolysis of sodium chlorate, sodium perchlorate is obtained; double exchange with LiCl results in the solution defined as the system of LiCl[O.
After many years of being a powerful total weed killer for gardeners, allotment holders and growers, Sodium chlorate is finally out of time on May 10 - there must not be any storage or usage after this date.
15m on its subsidiary Finnish Chemicals Oy for antitrust activity in the company's sodium chlorate business during 1994-2000.
Significant white smoke passed through the filter sock, pressure built up, and smoke began to leak through the lid seal; within 2 minutes, the lid blew off spreading burning pieces of sodium chlorate around a 15ft area.
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