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Can calcium and sodium channel blockers attenuate hemodynamic responses to endotracheal intubation?
In individuals in whom the ECG is normal, the characteristic findings can be elicited by the administration of procainamide, flecanide, or ajmaline, a sodium channel blocker.
47), and in patients with a spontaneous form compared with sodium channel blocker induced type I ECG (RR 4.
1-3) These ECG changes are dynamic, often hidden, and may reveal themselves in the presence of triggers like fever, intoxication (alcohol, cocaine, or cannabis), vagal stimulation, electrolyte imbalance, anesthetics (propofol, bupivacaine), psychotropic agents (amitriptyline, lithium), or sodium channel blockers.
Highlights will include insight into the controlling of the excitability of peripheral nerves; potential propagation in different subtypes of sensory neurons; the firing pattern of exons; and sodium channel blockers.
Recently, we have introduced a way to target the delivery of sodium channel blockers selectively to nociceptive neurons, and thus capitalize on their effectiveness in blocking action potentials but now only at sites of pain generation.
Sodium channel blockers and "pure" potassium channel blockers actually increase mortality, calcium channel blockers have no effect, and, although amiodarone reduces arrhythmic death, it had no effect on total mortality in the 2 largest trials.
For lancinating pain, which is best relieved by sodium channel blockers, oxcarbazepine or lamotrigine is a first choice, carbamazepine a second choice.
In addition, no definitive evidence that these approaches (ie, sodium channel blockers, exogenous potassium, or potassium channel openers) improve survival has been published.
A dramatic example was the rise in mortality among heart-attack survivors resulting from the use of sodium channel blockers to treat asymptomatic arrhythmias.
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