sodium benzoate

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a white crystalline salt used as a food preservative and antiseptic

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Insects fed on the control had lower larval viability compared to insects fed with diets containing sodium benzoate, formaldehyde and 2-phenylphenol, and lower pupal viability compared to insects fed with diets with sodium benzoate, formaldehyde, potassium sorbate and 2-phenylphenol (Table 2).
The treatments included combinations of two cultivars (CL 367 and Cowpea 88) of forage cowpea and 4 combinations of bio-regulators and their concentrations namely sodium benzoate (100 and 150 g mL-1) salicylic acid (50 and 100 g mL-1) CaCl2 (0.
Solubility of lornoxicam was determined by saturation aqueous solubility method in 2 M sodium benzoate.
Six (60%) patients received L-carnitine and one (10%) patient received sodium benzoate for 2 weeks Blood ammonia levels returned to normal value in 5 (50%) patients and reduced to more than half of the baseline in two (20%).
Further, it can be speculated that the higher effectiveness of sodium benzoate as compared to benzoic acid could be due to the fact that the salt is 200 times more soluble than the acid.
Peter Piper, professor of molecular biology at Sheffield, England added that when vitamin C additives are added to sodium benzoate in sodas, it is converted to benzane, a carcinogen in living lab yeast cells.
2% sodium benzoate provided stabilization for about six months at 25degC in the air tight and dark containers.
The combination of sodium benzoate and lactic acid was just as effective as the sodium benzoate-lactic acid-disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid combination against both pathogens, and was more effective than the other coating treatments.
Hence, it could be concluded that sodium benzoate did not provide an additional inhibitive effect to this paint.
I also hit the Internet for information and came across a report on benzoic acid and sodium benzoate by IPCS (International Programme on Chemical Safety) at inchem.
Sodium Benzoate has been shown to affect various physiological systems in various species.
This is not necessarily the case when common sodium containing food ingredients, such as sodium benzoate and monosodium glutamate, or chloride containing ingredients such as potassium chloride, are present in the food matrix-as well as sodium ions that may be present in the food itself.
Recently, however, it has come under speculation that drinking soda--particularly diet soda containing both sodium benzoate or potassium benzoate and ascorbic acid--may lead to an increased risk for associated cancers such as leukemia, (8).
The voluntary ban came in the wake of a study published by the University of Southampton in September 2007 that found consumption of the preservative sodium benzoate (E211), or the six artificial colours; tartrazine (E102), ponceau 4R (E124), sunset yellow (E110), carmoisine (E122), quinoline yellow (E104) and allura red AC (E129), can exacerbate the behavioural problems of some children.
1,2,3) Other side effects have been reported after ingestion of medications containing these preservatives such as the allergic potential and estrogenic potential of parabens, (2,4) or the genotoxic activity potential of sodium benzoate.