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an absorbent aluminum silicate clay formed from volcanic ash

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Effect of sodium bentonite or hydrated sodium calcium aluminosilicate on growth performance and tibia mineral concentration in broiler chicks fed nutrient deficient diets.
Linearized adsorption isotherms of tarry substances on a surface of sorbents: sodium bentonite (a); calcium bentonite (b); absorbite (c); peat (d)
Bore-Gel: Specifically blended system using high-quality Wyoming sodium bentonite.
Sodium Bentonite (also known as Western Bentonite): Western bentonite is known for its ability to absorb and hold large amounts of water and for the resulting qualities of its high swell (bigger increase in volume) and high viscosity.
2010) who reported no effect of sodium bentonite clay on the economic value of broiler chicken.
Effect of sodium bentonite in broiler chickens fed diets contaminated with aflatoxin B1.
We challenged our research team to develop a cat litter that was equal to or better than any other competitive litter, but that carried the added benefit of giving our consumers an equal volume of product while being up to 25 percent lighter than clay based, sodium bentonite scoopable litters.
Most brands of cat litter contain the mineral sodium bentonite, which retains petrol on its surface.
Sodium bentonite found in Wyoming and other western states absorbs large quantities of water, swells many times its original volume, and gives permanent suspensions with thixotropic characteristics.
Large ponds are lined with sodium bentonite clay because it expands when mixed with water, and keeps its swelling properties throughout its use, unlike calcium bentonite clay, which is fine for facial scrubs and the like, but isn't worth a plug nickel as a pond liner.
A sodium bentonite clay (Argel 35), code AN, provided by Bentonit Uniao Nordeste, Campina Grande- PB, Brazil, in powdered form, with particle size [less than or equal to]74 [micro]m, was used in this work as received.
PERFECT LITTER is also sodium bentonite and silicon-free.
In view of these functions, Pusch (1979) proposed the use of sodium bentonite (rocks made up of clay minerals and belonging to the smectites group, in which montmorillonite is the most common species) compacted in the form of high density blocks as sealing material, since it provides the following characteristics: