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a gum used especially as a thickener or emulsifier


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Sodium alginate is the main gelling agent used now for inkjet bioprinting, but has some compatibility problems with certain cell types.
The acid-soluble chitosan, water-soluble chitosan and the combined water-soluble chitosan and sodium alginate coatings helped reduce the decay rate of Duke and Elliott fruit when the products were stored at room temperature.
Lee, Influence of sodium alginate contents on the strain in compression, elastic recovery, and compressive strength of experimental alginate impression materials.
was grown on LB agar and cell pellets were mixed with sodium alginate solution to obtain uniform suspension.
After pre-culture of sodium alginate capsules containing the explants in liquid WPM media with different sucrose concentrations, the highest percentage of regeneration was obtained in treatment with 0.
The bacterial consortium (individual strains and consortium raiment ISD1 & ISD4 strain) was immobilized as beads according to the procedure of Leung et al (14) 100 ml of 2% sodium alginate solution is prepared in sterile distilled water by heating it to 60[degrees]C and mixing it thoroughly on a magnetic stirrer.
Thirty-six patients with hematologic cancers who were receiving high-dose chemotherapy and radiation therapy followed by hematopoietic stem cell transplantation were treated (apparently without randomization) with zinc-L-carnosine in sodium alginate suspension (active treatment) or azulene gargles (control).
High and low viscosity of sodium alginate polymer (KELTONE[R] HVCR and LVCR respectively, FMC Biopolymer, Ewing, USA) and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose-HPMC (METHOCEL[TM] K100M CR, Colorcon[R], Harleysville, USA) were used in this study with concentrations of 0.
The dope tank concentration containing sodium alginate solution was varied between the limits 3.
Lemongrass consomme mixed with xanthan, locust bean gum, and sodium alginate mimic the viscous texture of egg white.
The modified alginate is synthesized by dispersing 22 g sodium alginate in 60 mL ethanol and adding 10 mL of a solution containing 10 g Cu[(N[O.
TOMATO CONSOMME CAVIAR 300g of the consomme you've just made 3g sodium alginate 500g water 6g calcium chloride Mix the consomme and alginate together whisking until combined.
Fatima and Dr Hernandez said they are working with Dr Pance Naumov, from New York University Abu Dhabi and his postdoctoral associate, Dr Lidon Zhang, to come up with the best sodium alginate capsule that can withstand the harsh desert conditions in order to help disperse microbes through the soil.