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a house built of sod or adobe laid in horizontal courses

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English chemist whose work on radioactive disintegration led to the discovery of isotopes (1877-1956)

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Assessment of the State and Biological Production Potential of Soddy Podzolic Soils in the Sudogda River Basin of Vladimir Oblast.
Here, in part, Essen said "I am inclined to agree with Soddy that it is a swindle; and I do not think Rutherford would have regarded it as a joke had he realised how it would retard the rational development of science.
The fact that the factional reserve banking system leads to crisis was recognized by Irving Fisher and Nobel laureate Frederick Soddy who proposed a financial system with a 100% reserve (Fisher, 1935, 1936; Daly/Farley, 2004) (1) and this idea is becoming famous again (Huber, 1998).
Richard Soddy, technical senior account manager said: "It's amazing what they can pick up on - from sounds to geometries and monitoring the vital life signs of the car as it goes around the track.
Another was that instead of tangible wealth creation, what was built up was what economist Frederick Soddy called "virtual wealth": financial claims on property and income.
Ecological economists have long appealed to the 1920s economic writings of Frederick Soddy (Soddy 1926; Daly 1980, Martinez-Alier 1987).
Theorem 7 The Soddy line is perpendicular to the Gergonne line.
Mencionemos otro critico de estas abstracciones, el Premio Nobel de Quimica Frederick Soddy, quien expreso su inconformidad con una teoria cuyas categorias estan alejadas de la realidad:
They went on to establish Welsh mining communities in Jellico and Soddy, Tennessee, and Dowlais, Mountain Ash, Emlyn, and Williamsburg in neighbouring Kentucky.
Some readers may be curious to know how the four tangent circles come to satisfy a celebrated equation found by Descartes and rediscovered by Beecroft and Soddy.
Pulled by a team of two horses, the sod cutter provided settlers with the materials needed to build a soddy.
Stephen Zarlenga credits Oxford professor Frederick Soddy with having conceived this method of transition, which Soddy called "the 100% Reserve Solution.
They are in these current positions because they traded the interest of the people for SPLM's Soddy DTC.
Rutherford and Soddy realized that they had identified a novel physical process, inconceivable in a universe with atoms that were indestructible (the long-prevailing view).
This is a fine tenor voice, well accompanied by Alexander Soddy, and an auspicious release.