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This paper describes the development of a new technique, tundra sodding, to rehabilitate tundra wetlands in the North Slope oil fields.
We hypothesize that tundra sodding can be used under a variety of conditions to (1) rapidly establish a diverse and productive community of indigenous plant species that is similar to those of undisturbed tundra wetlands, thereby improving site appearance and site suitability for some wildlife species, and (2) establish a thermal regime that prevents thermokarst, achieving two objectives for the rehabilitation of tundra wetlands.
People who are willing to pay the extra expense of establishment by sodding expect excellent quality.
Georgia DOT only recently included sodding in its erosion control specifications, in the wake of fines of up to $10,000 per day for delays in covering bare ground on some construction projects.
The city's arborist developed a landscaping plan that included significant turfgrass sodding and tree planting.