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Later, sodbusters would curse the tenacity of the area's gnarled trees and search for arable land elsewhere, leaving the timber to deer and squirrels.
All the water's left town in Steinbeck's Depression-era classic about the migration of dustbowl sodbusters to the promised land of southern California.
Agents of the Great Northern and Northern Pacific railroads scoured Europe for potential sodbusters to settle the vast distances along their lines from Chicago to Seattle.
The typical diet of the sodbusters consisted of cornmeal and molasses, baking soda biscuits, and coffee made from roasted rye.
Just 150 years ago, half a million square miles of prairie covered the plains, but intensive agriculture, led by sodbusters, changed the character of the landscape forever.
Despite its stodgy old plowman image amidst the peripatetic Internet sodbusters, the newspaper industry is irrigating new media test plots, and the seedlings can be exotic.
First came the ice-age hunters from Siberia, followed by Spanish missionaries, then sodbusters in wagon trains from the east.
Before pioneer sodbusters arrived, tallgrass prairie was the species' primary habitat.
My next stunt, after I had several weeks of convalescing to regain locomotion, occurred on our Sunday school team, the Richfield Sodbusters.
The cowboys and their free-spirited brand of high plains economics are pitted against the fenced-farm sodbusters who would carve the frontier into parcels.
Queen's Country Cousins Sodbusters will also appeal to the working class hero.
Grant's first history book, The Sodbusters, appeared in 1948.
In a way he was as much a pioneer as the mighty men and sodbusters about whom he wrote.
A note for sodbusters If you convert your lawn to less waterintensive flower or shrub beds, what can you do with the stripped-off sod?
9th, 2015: Deer Creek Sodbusters 33rd Annual Antique Machinery Show.