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The Sodbuster Program is designed to prevent conversion of highly erodible land to crop uses unless it is protected through implementation of a conservation plan.
These include Section 404 and Swampbuster provisions to protect wetlands, Sodbuster provisions to keep uncultivated highly erodable land from being plowed, and conservation compliance measures to increase the number of soil conservation projects undertaken on farms.
32) On the drier land, my great-grandfather planted twenty acres of flax, which is what every sodbuster planted the first year, and ten acres of oats.
On April 25, 1958, my informant Ray Fuller is referred to as the "Mullican Sodbuster," [sic] on page 6.
The 1985 Food Security Act was revolutionary in that it contained provisions, called Conservation Compliance, Sodbuster, and Swampbuster, that require all participants in federal farm programs to comply with minimum standards of land stewardship.
This approach, under development since 1982 (Heimlich, Ogg, and Bills 1983) has been used to analyze other conservation policies, including highly erodible land issues (Heimlich and Bills 1984; Heimlich 1989), sodbuster (Heimlich 1986), swampbuster (Heimlich and Langner 1986; Heimlich, Carey, and Brazee 1989), and Conservation Reserve Program (Young and Osborn 1990) provisions of 1985 and 1990 farm legislation conservation titles.
It emerged from the mood of the Zeitgeist and its associated policies that made it very clear that in 1912 and throughout the war the sodbuster was the prime focus of attention throughout the plains, and so in southern Alberta too, not the cattleman.
Now, sodbuster legislation is being advocated, also cross-compliance in commodity programs.
Even the poorest among us possess far more material goods and comforts than the average sodbuster, or even medieval royalty.
The first combined the stunning beauty of the Grand Tetons with the struggle for land use between cattlemen and sodbuster homesteaders.
Contrary to American history as chronicled in the movies, the most popular, most utilitarian and most numerous firearm in the "old west" be it gunfighter, rancher or sodbuster, was by far the ordinary shotgun.
69) Other major instituted programs included the sodbuster and swampbuster programs, under which any farmer who raises a commodity crop on either highly erodible land (sodbuster) or converted wetlands (swampbuster) loses eligibility for commodity and most other federal farm support programs.
Even if "green" payments are enacted, the heritage of program consistency achieved with the swampbuster provision, conservation compliance, and the sodbuster provision in previous farm acts will make it difficult to reward producers for good environmental practices while ignoring wetland conversion and other activities that harm environmental quality.
Quasi-mandatory regulations, such as sodbuster, swampbuster, and conservation compliance required for operators to be eligible for commodity programs, are being called into question because they limit resource protection to the half of land in farms covered by commodity programs.