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people engaged in a particular occupation

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Through conversations with Chaminade, Adele determined that her association of women would become part of the women's Sodality of the Immaculate Conception that had been founded by Chaminade and Marie Therese in 1801.
You can really see the history of this church in its sodality," says Margaret DeVane, who last year was elected its prefect.
Gaisser has not only published and translated this text (on facing pages) but has supplied "biographies" of all those discussed in the dialogue (261-330) and, in her introduction, recreated for us the ambience of the humanist sodality in Rome during the century preceding the Sack of Rome, added biographies of the eight interlocutors, and recounted the history of the translated text.
Cardinal Mahony mentions that parish life in 1955 was filled with such sacramental, educational and devotional activities as devotions to Our Lady of Perpetual Help, the Ladies' Sodality, the Holy Name Society, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine, youth groups, and the Legion of Mary.
We met each Tuesday evening before the regular Ladies' Sodality meeting and, after praying from and with scripture -- novel in itself -- we learned to observe, judge and act on our environment to "restore all things in Christ.
She surveys the iconicity of the biblical Eve, the classical Helen, the medieval Virgin, and the Gnostic Sophia before correlating each of these embodiments of anima phenomenology to Stephen's mother, the Nighttown prostitute, the Virgin Mary of sodality worship, and the Bird-Girl.
In a black sodality most members were enslaved individuals who were not only desperately poor but also themselves were human commodities owned by others.
In the pre-Vatican II church, parish halls were the venue for countless meetings of church organizations: Altar and Rosary Society, Knights of Columbus, Sodality, Holy Name Society, Legion of Mary.
10) Most of Colocci's sodality (including Colocci himself) belonged also to Goritz's, but the two groups were different in kind: Colocci's was patriotic and antiquarian, while Goritz's was religious and literary.
Mary's Church, where she was a member and Past-President of the Ladies Guild and was also a member of the Rosary Sodality.
Andrew Bobola Polish Ladies Sodality, a founding contributor to the Ellis Island Immigrant Museum in New York, NY, an advocate of refugee and displaced eastern European children, a religious educator, an accomplished pianist.
Hedwig's Church in Southbridge and the church's Holy Rosary Sodality.
She was a lifelong member of Saint Joseph Basilica, and a member of the Holy Rosary Sodality and the Saint Joseph Polish Women's Club.
Anne's Sodality, member and past President of Gaudette-Kirk Post 138 American Legion Aux.
Peter's Church, Worcester and was a former member of their Women's Sodality and LCBA.