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a vitreous mineral consisting of sodium aluminum silicate and sodium chloride in crystalline form

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Remnant sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and sodium carbonate ([Na.sub.2]C[O.sub.3]) from the Bayer process plus the formation of desilication products (DSP), sodalite and cancrinite, result in Na being the dominant ion in unamended residue.
Scott told us Sodalite Cabins was influenced by a love of sampler style quilts using stars and Log Cabins, and wanting to find a way to incorporate them so they looked woven together.
As the NaOH concentration was higher than 0.5 mol/L, the spherical sodalite with surface covered by short columnar crystals appeared (Figure 4(c) and Figure 4(d)).
105) and is therein defined as "a coarse-grained, somewhat foliated variety of nepheline syenite consisting of K-feldspar, albite, nepheline, cancrinite, sodalite and lepiodomelane."
Other gems include amethyst from Thunder Bay, Ontario; tourmaline from O'Grady, Northwest Territories; sodalite from Bancroft, Ontario; opal from British Columbia; sapphire from Baffin Island and Revelstoke, British Columbia; emerald from Taylor 2 (Ontario), Anuri (Nunavut) and three additional localities in north-western Canada; aquamarine from the True Blue occurrence in Yukon Territory; green beryl from Mountain River, Northwest Territories; and spinel from Baffin Island.
Among the 18 topics are utilizing research and development of hydride materials in fast reactors, the status of low-enriched uranium fuel development for high-performance research reactors, the behavior of fuel and structural materials in severely damaged reactors, a new matrix for conditioning chloride salt wastes from the electro-refining of spent nuclear fuel, and the leaching behavior of salt wastes conditioned with sodalite blended with two different glass powders.
Brazilian sodalite marble kitchen counters, five-piece en suite master bathroom with deep soaking tub and stall shower with bench.
Some of these sites, in the large a cages, also called supercages, and P cages, or sodalite, are easily accessible, while others are located in the dense cages, denominated hexagonal prisms.
Accordingly, the alkaline hydration reaction of the alternative cementitious material possibly produces sodium and/or calcium alumino silicate based compounds such as sodalite, natrite, gismondine, calcium silicate hydrate gel, sodium alumino silicate hydrate gel, and calcium sodium alumino silicate hydrate gel [5, 26].
A set of four check-in counters stand under a bronze canopy in front of a 10 by 4.5m high wall made of hundreds of blue sodalite stone tiles from Brazil.
Bracelet with rutilated quartz links (in sodalite, amazonite, mother-of-pearl and more) mounted on semi--precious stone slabs and accented with brilliant-cut white diamonds ($3,200).
Iris coloured silk and amethyst; duck egg blue and sodalite; creamy vanilla white and real pearls; blood red and garnet...
[1] infer an initial [sup.36]Cl/[sup.35]Cl ratio of > 1.6 x [10.sup.-4] in sodalite from the carbonaceous chondrite Ningqiang based on Al-Mg systematics.
Preparation of Na-P1 and sodalite octahydrate zeolites from interstratified illitesmectite.