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a vitreous mineral consisting of sodium aluminum silicate and sodium chloride in crystalline form

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Scott told us Sodalite Cabins was influenced by a love of sampler style quilts using stars and Log Cabins, and wanting to find a way to incorporate them so they looked woven together.
105) and is therein defined as "a coarse-grained, somewhat foliated variety of nepheline syenite consisting of K-feldspar, albite, nepheline, cancrinite, sodalite and lepiodomelane.
Figure 2a reveals that the synthesis products include zeolite Na-Pl (GIS), cancrinite (CAN), sodalite (SOD) and Linde Type A (LTA).
From the perspective of framework structure, both zeolites are stacked up by sodalite (SOD) cages (truncated octahedra) as shown in Figure 1, which can be described with the notation 4668 which means that it is composed of six 4-rings and eight 6-rings.
These rocks contain mineral 'nepheline' as their major component along with other feldspathoidal minerals, like, cancrinite and sodalite [1, 12, 13, 17].
The sodalite and marble were quarried from approximately 1.
Singh B, Gilkes RJ (1991a) Concentration of iron oxides from soil clays by 5 M NaOH treatment: the complete removal of sodalite and kaolin.
et) had between them about 30 specimens showing the new, highly lustrous, madly bright blue crystals of sodalite from a find somewhere in the Kokcha Valley, Badakhshan, Afghanistan.
Within two blocks of this intersection we can see a beautiful polished slab of sodalite with blebs of magnetite that can stop a speeding magnet (Fig.
Iita said the contribution from dimension stones such as granite, marble and sodalite, as well as semi-precious stones, is not very significant and is expected to remain unchanged in the short- to medium-term.
You probably have a strand of beads, too, maybe aventurine, bloodstone, citrine, coral, garnet, or sodalite.
En esta Sociedad <<el sodalite clerigo se incardina en una diocesis o institucion equiparada a ella.
The 12 extended papers include such topics as the topology of microporous structures, the polysomatic aspects of certain microporous materials, microporous framework silicate minerals with rare and transition elements, the sodalite family, tunnel oxides, apatite, and micro- and mesoporous sulfide and selenide structures.
3 and 8 are characterised by the presence of nepheline, analcite, and sodalite.