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a member of a sodality

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(22) Simon Wheelan, "Election Fraud Induces Political Crisis in Georgia" en World Sodalist, Washington, 19 de noviembre de 2003.
(27) Barry Grey y Vladimir Volkov, "Georgia's 'Rose Revolution': A Made in America Coup" en World Sodalist, Washington, 5 de diciembre de 2003.
Blume and Marz, both longtime staff members of the Nationalgalerie, decided as well to omit works "commissioned" by SED (Sodalist Unity Party) cultural authorities or "sponsored by the state." I found this slightly problematic because it implied that blatantly political art is aesthetically tarnished.
Lord, S.J., National Director of the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin, had announced that "the World is swinging into a great Catholic renaissance," while launching his Sodality Literature Campaign to introduce America's four million Sodalists to the achievements of John Henry Newman, G.
The Socialist Party, with its hundreds of thousands of supporters, opposed the war, calling it "a crime against the people of the United States." The nation had been at war for a year when the Socialist leader Eugene Debs spoke in Canton, Ohio, outside a prison where three Sodalists were serving time for opposing the draft.