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Synonyms for soda

a sodium salt of carbonic acid

a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring

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The whiskey and soda water," he ordered of the butler who appeared at the door.
Bob Sawyer took out of a practicable window-seat, labelled 'Soda Water,' Mr.
Along an alleyway he went and slipping in at the back door of the saloon began drinking a drink made of a combination of sloe gin and soda water. Will Henderson was a sensualist and had reached the age of forty-five.
The third, who was at Crockford's all night, has just gone home to put a clean shirt on, and take a bottle or two of soda water, and will certainly be with us, in time to address the meeting.
Regular reader Jim Kininmonth went for a curry in Glasgow last Friday and two soda waters plus one small Peroni cost pounds 8.60.