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a sweet drink containing carbonated water and flavoring

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Pop-Tarts and soda pop is a fun, new flavor combination--the Frosted A&W Root Beer and Frosted Crush Orange varieties are so different from our fruity and dessert-type tarts, and this is our first beverage-inspired flavor.
Soda Pop Shoppe sweet cream sodas are available for a limited time only, the company added.
The consumption of soda pop in the United States has increased to alarming proportions.
Told from the perspective of a transcribed interview with a lawyer, the reader gets to hear Gabe's word-for-word description of the Spunk River War and how a soda pop machine was broken into for the right reasons.
Important items to take out of your diet are soda pop and other sparkling beverages.
However, the two most popular (most-often mentioned) snacks are chips and soda pop.
It''s soda pop, finger-clicking, summer pop with 1950s flavour.
The store looks like it is planning to help produce pop music with soda pop, thanks to its latest promotion, which was music to my ears.
Some will be instantly recognizable: among them the creator of America's oldest soda pop.
Of the multiple factors assessed, lack of water fluoridation and soda pop consumption were significantly associated with dental caries severity.
Laughably cutting edge for its time - the theme tune was Mozart's Piano Concerto #21 In C Major played on what sounded like a Stylophone being thrown down some stairs - it's hard to watch now without wanting to go back in time and whisper in their ears all about the internet and multi-core processors, and then watch their unbearably smug little heads explode like shaken up cans of soda pop.
Each year, Americans throw out enough SODA POP CANS AND BOTTLES to reach to the moon and back--twenty times.
Bottled water outsells every drink in the US except soda pop.
Each set of tumblers from The Green Glass Company contains four former beer or soda pop bottles that have been ingeniously reincarnated into eye-catching drinking glasses ($32.
When rats are drinking high-fructose corn syrup at levels well below those in soda pop, they're becoming obese-every single one, across the board.