soda lime

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a mixture of sodium and calcium hydroxides

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Measurement of soil CO2 efflux using soda lime absorption: both quantitative and reliable.
Materials preparation includes weighing and mixing four types from soda lime glass with different percentages of titanium dioxide (nucleating agent).
There are multiple cover glass lens options available including Gorilla Glass, Dragon Trail, Chem-Strengthened, Anti-Glare, Soda Lime, Heat Tempered, and Heat Strengthened.
For x-ray samples, soda lime glass, PVC and Teflon are marked in black.
Meltings were made in clay crucibles in which ZrO2 was progressively substituted in a selected soda lime silica glass.
Other subjects are the role of combustion energy in laser cutting of austenitic stainless steel, structural and texture studies of PbS thin film, elastic and plastic properties of soda lime glass by micro-indentation, and a novel fabrication method for nitinol shape memory alloys.
Advances in the vitrification process mean nuclear waste can be stored in glass which is difficult to break, dent or scratch and is three times stronger than chemically-strengthened soda lime glass at half the thickness.
Stocking and supply of soda lime Tender no: STC/ST08MT0467 Description: Stocking and supply of soda lime (carbon dioxide absorbent) on call-off-basis.
2] absorber apparatus was then connected to the anaesthetic machine, the soda lime granules had blocked the gas intake.
Pink Soda lime dress, pounds 135, from Drome Couture
British naval subs are equipped with special candles which smoulder away, generating oxygen, while soda lime is used to suck air through and remove the potentially-fatal build-up of carbon dioxide.
2] adsorption rate of soda lime is rarely in equilibrium with the efflux rates being measured.
He donned a panicle mask, for example, to carefully weigh white soda lime into tiny vials.