soda jerk

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someone who works at a soda fountain

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Brown and Allen established Waynesville Soda Jerks in 2013 as an artisan beverage manufacturer focusing on handcrafted, locally sourced, natural sodas.
Back at the soda fountain, what sweet-toothed romantic can turn down a cute soda jerk grinning as he suggests a "Raspberry soda infused with peach ice cream and sweet cream" or a "Cherry Bomb, made with a ball of chocolate ice cream dropped into a cherry soda.
When I was 17, being a soda jerk was so cool that I "worked" without pay at a soda fountain (in Feinman's Pharmacy at Broad and Diamond Streets in Philadelphia) from 3:30PM to 5:30PM Monday through Friday for four months, quitting only when my classes at Temple University High School were over and I went away to camp.