soda jerk

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someone who works at a soda fountain

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Alaskan Soda Jerk offers a variety of specialty fountain drinks, mostly Coca-Cola products mixed with juice and syrups.
While 150,000 soda jerks won't solve our jobs problem, being a soda jerk is a lot more fun than being a barista at Starbucks or flipping fries at McDonalds.
In high school, I worked at an ice cream parlor as a soda jerk and I rode a unicycle everyday to work.
Framed as a cautionary tale told by soda jerk Jo Jo (Keith Carradine) to an argamentative teen couple, pic chronicles the hate-at-first-sight saga of Spud (Erie Gilliland) and Cherri (Sarah Silverman).
Yes, I have just finished playing a one-legged pedophile in The Soda Jerk, directed by Zak Davis.
In fact, Kraiss, who started his career as a 16-year-old soda jerk, said that during his half century with Walgreens he saw the company evolve full circle from a pure drug store operator into a firm that operated variety stores, restaurants and optical centers and then back into a retailer whose main focus was on health care.
Still another portrays a girl--complete with poodle skirt--charming a soda jerk.
They speak in awe of a country boy who grew up in a shack without plumbing and electricity, began working as a soda jerk, and became a billionaire.
For the next forty-some years he covered the local scene: He took pictures of steel workers, Negro League baseball players, and neighborhood kids; he made portraits of a coal miner, a female disc jockey, a soda jerk, and a policeman; he photographed visiting leaders like John F.
During this era a Walgreens soda jerk has been credited with the creation of the milk shake.
He draws the parallel to the revealing view enjoyed by the soda jerk in After the Prom.
In it, a boy in a white dinner jacket perches on a stool at a drugstore soda fountain and looks on proudly as his date on the next stool, a blonde girl in a white formal dress, lets the soda jerk smell the fragrance of her gardenia corsage, while another customer, apparently a workingman and war veteran, glances over and smiles.
Later the family opened a combination pool hall-restaurant, so young John's experiences included working as a soda jerk.
As a college student, I was a soda jerk at a drugstore in New York City at 42nd and Eighth Street.
A voice within will whisper that the former soda jerk from Dawson's Drug Store does not really belong.