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a counter where ice cream and sodas and sundaes are prepared and served

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an apparatus for dispensing soda water

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Beverages from soda fountain machines at fast food restaurants can harbor illness-causing bacteria, according to a study published online in November in the International Journal of Food Microbiology.
took over the drug store chain in 1939 after his father passed away and led the company through some of its most dramatic changes, including the introduction of the widespread use of self-service and the proliferation of soda fountains in many stores.
Said Nash, "Instead of obtaining stimulation from work, the young people of today are to be found sitting around soda fountains devouring ice cream sodas.
Though only 26 years old, this corner soda fountain could easily be where Buddy Holly first saw Peggy Sue.
With Forza's help, Dixie Cafe converted nine of its central Arkansas locations' soda fountains into the South Pole, a brightly colored restaurant-within-a-restaurant.