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unsweetened cracker leavened slightly with soda and cream of tartar

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June Brown, Chesapeake, Virginia, writes, "I am a 78-year-old former GRIT carrier: I am looking for a recipe to make a 'Mock' Apple Pie using Ritz Crackers or soda crackers.
Several market research companies have used the TV pilot scam to round up people who are, in reality, being asked to evaluate toothpaste or soda crackers.
sucker fillets 2 large eggs I small onion I capful lemon extract 1 large box soda crackers (Saltines) Salt and pepper Patties Grind fish once with fine blade then grind again adding onion, soda crackers--six or so at a time.
Soda crackers are a traditional type of fermented cracker.
She insisted on her dishes being scalded before she was served with them - although, being a perpetual dieter, she rarely had more than black coffee and soda crackers (spread with mustard) for lunch.
It's not a pretty picture: Well-fed suits engaging in chest-thumping attacks on an expose about poverty while at least some of their constituents are basing their meal plans around soda crackers.
One of the most popular and effective measures for expectant mothers has been to eat plain soda crackers and sip carbonated drinks (particularly ginger ale at room temperature) to relieve nausea.
At our second bar we picked through a bucket of peel 'n' eat steamed shrimps with soda crackers, and ordered one more frosty beer for the road.
Even when his money ran out and he was "faint" and "giddy" from hunger on his 1,000-mile tramp from Indiana to the Gulf of Mexico in 1867, he rejected wild rice and corn, subsisting instead for five days on soda crackers and water.
phosphorus, and iron than potato chips, ice cream cones, pretzels, or soda crackers.
They are to be used to spray edible oils, glazes and preservatives on to the top and bottom of biscuits including cream crackers, soda crackers, Graham crackers and cheese crackers, in addition to the cocktail biscuits.
For example, he likens "comprehensive nonliteral similarity" to whistling while eating soda crackers, which "produces just as messy a result.
Her morning ritual is to crumb the last of the bread in the house for the birds, leaving me to construct my luncheon sandwich out of left-over butternut squash laminated between two soda crackers.
At home we've already put together the basic requirements for a possible three-day entrapment in our own condominium unit without water and power: three liters of bottled water a day per person, canned goods that open without a can opener, soda crackers, dried fruits and nuts, and a make-do sanitary toilet.