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round loaf made with soda and buttermilk

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Allow the Irish Soda Bread to cool for roughly 10 minutes before slicing.
Owner Elisabeth Kennedy is half German and half Irish - hence the name Soda Bread - and the menu will focus on hearty German and Irish dishes.
SPELT AND BARLEY PINEAPPLE SODA BREAD (Makes 1 loaf) INGREDIENTS 300g wholemeal spelt flour 230g buttermilk 50g tinned pineapple, chopped 50ml pineapple juice 30g malted barley, plus an extra pinch for the top 30ml Stella Artois 3tsp baking powder 1tsp sea salt METHOD PREHEAT your oven and baking stone (or sheet) to 2100C.
Several cherished soda bread recipes, including one from the "old country'' of Italy, were in the traditional category.
I started my meal with a ham hock and parsley terrine, which was served with piccalilli and toasted soda bread.
So here you'll find the usual lamb stew or Irish soda bread with variations such as oatmeal or seed additions to the bread.
Food and drinks will be on offer all day and night with a live barbeque station providing traditional delicacies like soda bread and Irish pudding.
CONSUMERS CAN BAKE CRUSTY SODA BREAD, flaky croissants, delicate meringue cookies, and sweet and delicious cinnamon buns with the new Sil-Eco U.
The Prince of Wales samples soda bread as he is shown the restored Felin Ganol Mill by miller Andrew Parry during a visit to Llanrhystyd
I love to make a nourishing soup like this one here on a Sunday, then take it for my lunch through the week, preferably with a big chunk of the soda bread.
8-9 FOOD 'GLAMPING', soda bread and oatmeal and nettle soup - kipping under canvas and cuisine in Denbigh.
The cheese and chive soda bread and roasted red onion and balsamic vinegar bread variants are innovative new variants, a first for the fixture as a whole, whilst garlic and rosemary foccacia and mixed seed bread complete the range.
The main meal of Irish stew and dumplings with soda bread will be followed by English and Irish cheese with biscuits and celery.