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a bottle for holding soft drinks


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extract' from the Soda Bottle Opener Wala menu card may evoke a grin even from somebody with veggie sensibilities, it isn't as much a description of the delicacies on offer as an example of some good ol' Irani humour.
uk MADE from old soda bottles, silvered by hand, this antiqued lamp positively oozes style.
While the bases dried, students began to shape the jar tops, using the cutaway portion of the soda bottle.
That photo of the store brand 2-liter soda bottle in the Sunday circular has to be slick enough to grab the consumer's attention.
You'll need an empty two-liter soda bottle with cap, wooden dowels (cut to desirable size for perches--one longer than the other), a wire coat hanger or string/rope, an X-Acto knife or ice pick, tape, and birdseed.
Empty the hot water from the soda bottle into the sink.
I poured the Spray Nine into the soda bottle and labeled the side of that bottle "Spray Nine, Do Not Drink.
A teacher in Maryland was criticized by parents and community members after allowing three male middle school students to urinate in an empty plastic soda bottle.
Here's the bottom line: Simply recycling that stray soda bottle and newspaper is no longer enough," DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy says.
At various junctures in the march, the group stopped, argued with one another over which street to take, or gathered around a fire to smash a soda bottle into the ground in a pseudo-voodoo ritual designed to cleanse the earth of Aristide.
Finally one day, while gazing idly at an orphaned screw-top with spout which just happened to be lying on the counter next to an empty two-liter soda bottle, I put two and two together and came up with a five-cent replacement water bottle.
And Coca-Cola's failed promise has been a major factor in the collapse of the soda bottle recycling market.
16- or 20-ounce plastic water or soda bottle Sand Moist soil Rotted leaves or plants 2 or 3 earthworms Black construction paper Tape Spray bottle