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a bottle for holding soft drinks


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'Everything,' said the tailor as he fixed his eyes through the soda bottle glasses onto me, 'Everything!'
extract' from the Soda Bottle Opener Wala menu card may evoke a grin even from somebody with veggie sensibilities, it isn't as much a description of the delicacies on offer as an example of some good ol' Irani humour.
However, I can't say the same about the grainy, amateur picture of the soda bottle. Unfortunately, many store brands suffer from the same dilemma.
The soda bottle's hissing a bit like laughter in my hand when I pass through Cantonment railway station without a platform ticket, the policeman watching but maybe too hot to move.
What happens to that plastic soda bottle or paper cup once you toss it?
You'll Need * Large bowl * Ice * Glass soda bottle (clean and dry) * Balloon * Watch or clock * Hairdryer (optional) Procedure: [] 1.
Instead of sending your plastic soda bottle to the recycling center, you can put it to good use in your backyard, feeding cardinals and finches and whoever else decides to come to the party.
The handbags, ranging from clutches to shoulder bags, are handmade by specially folding and weaving individual candy and gum wrappers and soda bottle labels together to create an utterly unique and green accessory.
I poured the Spray Nine into the soda bottle and labeled the side of that bottle "Spray Nine, Do Not Drink." I then left the shop to check on the new guys.
Zak is also releasing two fun items, a push-button canteen and a soda bottle tumbler.
A teacher in Maryland was criticized by parents and community members after allowing three male middle school students to urinate in an empty plastic soda bottle. According to reports from WTOP FM, the teacher provided the bottle when no one showed up to escort the students to the restroom.
"Here's the bottom line: Simply recycling that stray soda bottle and newspaper is no longer enough," DEP Commissioner Gina McCarthy says.
At various junctures in the march, the group stopped, argued with one another over which street to take, or gathered around a fire to smash a soda bottle into the ground in a pseudo-voodoo ritual designed to cleanse the earth of Aristide.
(Never thought I'd be glad he drinks soda all the time.) Cut the upper one-third off the top of a 2-liter plastic soda bottle with a utility knife.