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a plain plinth that supports a wall

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Founded in 2001, Socle Technology Corporation is one of the world's leading-edge providers of SoC (System on Chip) design and implementation services.
Though these canvases are less imposing than "Le Socle du Monde," they are more complex, post-Rauschenberg, creations.
Socle Technology will continue to operate independently after being acquired by Foxconn, which will appoint Young Liu, currently general manager of its Innovation Digital System Business Group to head the new Socle.
There were also four plain wooden sculptures (all about two feet in height), making the works Socles a c b and Socle d, both 2011.
3 pure silicon foundry, has recently appointed its senior vice president for worldwide sales and marketing, Jim Kupec, as chairman of Socle Technology Corp.
1); aedeagus with subquadrate broad socle in ventral view, stem slender, elongate and strongly curved upward, slightly expanded laterally on both sides below gonopore, which is oval and apical; dorsal apodeme prominent; phragma bearing a pair of longitudinal membranous leaf-like processes, more sclerotized and bordered with microteeth on posterior margin and small and marginal microsetae along anterior margin (Fig.
The entire building process is likewise followed step by step from the laying of the first layer of mud-brick on the rebuilt stone socle to the placing of the last in the top of the crenellation.
Geometrically, this Cambrian occurs over a detrital and dolomitic sequence, the Gamuza Series, which is the cover of a Precambrian Socle, the Bamori Socle.
Les premiE res enquE[logical not]tes indiquant une pause voire un effritement du socle E[umlaut]lectoral du candidat centriste suscitent autant d'excE s, notamment ceux du Journal du Dimanche ("Bayrou : le coup d'arrE[logical not]t ?
His winning proposal unites the town's three main cultural institutions; the Kunstmuseum (mainstream art), the MidtVest Ensemble (music and ballet) and the Socle du Monde (concept art and installations) in a new forum for cultural engagement, performance and experimentation.
The cupola with its six layers is assigned to the World of men (narabhaga), while the socle is the World of the Deceased (pretabhaga) --which are the forms of existence a Newar Buddhist will recognize.
Amsterdam Treaty and the future of European environment policy" - Paris, Septe mber 23 - Seminar organised by the Association Pour une Europe Environnementale ( APEE) at the European Commission Information Centre - Socle de la Grande Arche de la D fense - 92044 Paris-La D fense Cedex.
That said, the entire show is dominated by an exhibit which occupies most of an entire room, Socle du Mondeis a large magnetic cube covered with iron filings.
com)-- Future Electronics, a leading distributor of electronic components, recently completed a new global distribution agreement with Socle Technology Corporation, a 100% Foxconn-owned IC ODM and IC Channel company focusing on 8KTV, IoT, and Robotics applications.