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Synonyms for sock

Synonyms for sock

a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast

hit hard

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Special socks with designs of these causes are also sold.
Currently The Sock Society is on Indigogo to raise funding and accept pre-registrations for memberships.
Northern men are top of the list as the most likely victims of sock disappearances, with 67 per cent reporting that they lose up to 15 socks a year.
Available in pink, blue and white, Sock Ons are available at Mothercare, Jo Jo Maman Bb and Littledodo.
When most of us put our socks on, we do so without thinking about the total protection they provide.
If socks of different materials are different thicknesses, you'll have to find a way to control for thickness.
The Great Pyramid, according to hieroglyphics found at the structure's base, was built primarily to attract mystically disappearing socks so that they could be restored to their owners.
8221; Its witty nature makes the sock purchasing experience enjoyable from the time you start browsing until the time your Random Socks arrive in the mail.
Fellow knitter and friend Sue Motta, (SEE CORRECTION) who helped complete the goal of 40 pairs of socks, said, "Homemade feels so different, so unique.
For the past couple of years I have had an increasing sensation of socks bunching up underneath the balls of my feet.
All these socks belong to the well-known and supposedly well-heeled.