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Synonyms for sock

Synonyms for sock

a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast

hit hard

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If you think that socking away $5,000 per year for 25 years will be enough to provide for your retirement, consider this: Even with 10 percent annual returns, that would grow to only about $540,000, which will give you $21,600 if you make a conservative 4 percent annual withdrawal.
The saving rate -- the per centage of disposable income households are socking away -- fell to 2.
So for now at least, the market is well-supplied, with all other Opec countries aside from Iran producing a net increase from last month, and with the Iranians socking away a lot of oil that will ultimately find its way on the market.
Every major candidate in the 2012 race has the support of at least one super PAC, and whichever Republican wins the GOP nomination will have to deal with Priorities USA Action, the super PAC focused on President Obama's re-electionathat is socking away millions for the fall campaign.
Working hard as a professional or entrepreneur to increase your earning power and socking away enough money to build a nest egg will ensure that your golden years are bright and shiny.
Other savings are directed at near-term goals, like buying a car or socking away money for next summer's vacation, the down payment on a house, or a child's education.
He began socking away pennies, rolling them 50 at a time, patiently looking ahead to when he could haul them all to the bank to make that final payment.
As independent businesspeople, the artisans must pay rent and cover expenses before socking away profits to help them weather the slow winter months of January, February and March.