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While many consumers tune in to where their food comes from, even the savviest shoppers likely don't realize that wild Alaskan salmon boasts five varietals: king, sockeye, coho, keta and pink.
Only time will tell if the masses of sockeyes in the Fraser in 2010 were a fluke or foreshadow better days ahead for the environment--and for the fish and people in it.
The Copper River king and the sockeye salmon, the other dominant fish in these waters, have abundant stores of natural oils, giving them the strength for this herculean task.
Knapp, working from charts missing figures for 1995 wild catch (although they did include estimates for the year's farmed output), indicated that Japanese wholesale prices for Bristol Bay sockeye had bottomed out at 530 yen a kilogram last July after having fallen from a peak of about 900 yen a year earlier.
Next on the desirability scale are sockeyes from the Copper River Delta, Southeast Alaska, Cook Inlet and the Chignik/Kodiak region.
Japanese buy up Alaska sockeye harvest, even at higher prices.
A poor return of sockeyes is predicted for the Fraser River in British Columbia.
Despite huge catch of sockeye, Japanese are buying this year.
Fishermen sat on the beach the first week of the Bristol Bay season and allowed 7 million sockeyes to escape upriver, but still harvested more than 26 million fish -- the fourth highest catch ever.
80 a pound for what he called "standard grade" Canadian sockeye.
Despite Canadian concerns that they were fishing in a critical nursery area, a number of Bristol Bay boats have been conducting a test fishery for halibut near Cape Newenham in hopes of mitigating the long-standing dependence on sockeyes.
Sockeyes are the premium salmon for freezing, and the Japanese were buying aggressively as usual, said Mike Bristow, president of Ocean Premium Marketing, Inc.
False Pass sockeye closed 800,000 fish short of the allocation; Bristol Bay sockeyes came in 3.
Hoping to bridge the gap between supply chain partners, Sockeye Solutions has created a portal to keep everyone in the loop.