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Key words: food habits, Lake Ozette, Lontra canadensis, Oncorhynchus nerka, River Otter, Sockeye Salmon, threatened species, Washington
Sockeye Sockeye, also called red salmon, is known for its distinct, bright red flesh that retains its color even once cooked.
It's a fast-rising, fishermen-owned outfit generating serious buzz, especially among gillnetters hoping Silver Bay's entry will force all processors to pay higher dockside, or ex-vessel, prices for sockeye.
Sockeye count toward the adult bag limit regardless of size.
8220;These awards recognize a wide variety of work, including broadcast ads, viral video, print and outdoor, social media campaign tie-ins, interactive…the list goes on,” said Sockeye President Andy Fraser.
About 75% of Sockeye Salmon supply, which is very familiar with the Japanese consumer, is supplied from Alaska.
THE COHEN COMMISSION ON Fraser River sockeye will have another year to complete its work, and the head of the BC Treaty Commission says the federal government should pay for the delay.
The miraculous sockeye salmon run in western Canada's Fraser River watershed in the summer and fall of 2010--indeed the biggest run in 97 years--still has fishers, researchers and fishery managers baffled.
After years of scarcity, the rivers of the Pacific Northwest are again running red with sockeye salmon.
s Fraser River are out on the water preparing for one of the biggest runs of sockeye salmon in nearly 100 years, but it's not clear what's going to happen to all the unexpected fish.
Abstract--We examined whether the relationship between climate and salmon production was linked through the effect of climate on the growth of sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) at sea.
It's great with Alaska king crab, chum salmon roe, sockeye salmon sushi and pollack with salsa.
The two projects, with a combined price tag of $50 million, are part of a collaborative, long-range effort by PSE, government resource agencies, local Native American tribes and other parties to increase the river's fish populations, especially its prized run of sockeye salmon.