socket wrench

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a wrench with a handle onto which sockets of different sizes can be fitted

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One of the astronauts stationed at the ISS, Barry "Butch" Wilmore, had communicated to the officials at NASA mission control that he required a socket wrench, which was not available at the ISS.
While on bail for those offences, he broke a man's jaw with a socket wrench merely because he was related to people the gang was in dispute with.
Slide a metal pipe over the handle of a pipe wrench, a combination wrench or a socket wrench.
Other tools for working on grip screws should be a proper fitting screw driver for slotted grip screws and a hex or Torx head socket wrench for those style grip screws.
The 511X ratchet socket wrench kit with extended sockets makes it easier to tighten difficult-to-reach nuts found in pipeline and construction work as well as in plant maintenance, repair, operation, and production.
At the end of each arm is a gripper packed with features including a retractable motorised socket wrench to turn bolts and connect or detach hardware; a camera and lights for close-up viewing; and a retractable umbilical connector to provide electricity, data and video connections.
Norwood, 56, was lured to a remote location where Williams and a co-defendant took his cash and credit cards, removed his clothing, tied his hands and feet, beat him to death with a tire iron and socket wrench, and set his body on fire.
Make sure you remove any dust in the hole then screw the bolt, using a socket wrench, through the bracket and into the hole in the wall.
Then I saw it: an L-shaped socket wrench and, after a bit more digging, a socket that fit.
In a corrosion-free world you'd use a socket wrench to spin the nuts off the U-bolts.
As for tools, you'll need a hand-held circular saw, an electric drill, a 1-inchwide chisel, a 16-ounce hammer or mallet, a carpenter's framing square, a sharp handsaw and a socket wrench.
Like the various heads of a socket wrench, the linker molecule can be designed to grab viruses, cells and proteins of all shapes and sizes.
Drive the screw into the post and framing with a socket wrench so the head is sunk into the starter hole.
The editorial staff was armed with a socket wrench, but it would've taken much less time with an open-end wrench.
A well-designed widget that is poorly made could still be considered low quality--think of a socket wrench that won't ratchet or that bends under a modicum of force--and a poorly designed widget that is well made could be considered high quality if it gets the job done.