sock away

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to place (money) in a bank

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An investor who starts at age 45 will have to sock away more than $24,000 per year for that.
I wouldn't advise people to sock away money in them at these prices," Appel said.
After you've gotten a handle on retirement savings, sock away money in a 529 savings plan for tax-free education.
Experts noted that a mass production of biochar could capture and sock away carbon that otherwise would wind up in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas.
Unless an investor was retired throughout the decade, he was continuing to sock away money, continuing to build up that portfolio.
Perhaps the most obvious change comes when retirees stop receiving a regular income to sock away savings.
Much of this desire to stay employed longer can probably be attributed to the fact that people are living longer and feel the need to keep generating income and sock away more retirement savings, especially in light of the current economic climate and its effect on people's nest eggs.
For people who can afford to sock away money in their retirement accounts, the decision of how much to put in often comes at the last minute, meaning at year-end or just as they are filing their taxes.
Individuals can buy a relatively cheap health insurance policy with a high deductible (a minimum of $1,000) to cover catastrophic medical needs, then sock away money tax-free in an HSA (up to $2,600 for individuals or $5,150 for a family, adjusted annually for inflation) to foot routine medical bills.
I am not familiar with Grover Norquist, so perhaps I'm missing some form of satire, but I'm genuinely perplexed by his statement: "Bush wants to create Retirement Savings Accounts to allow every American to sock away up to $5,000 for retirement tax-free; similarly, the president has proposed Lifetime Savings Accounts allowing Americans to save $7,500 for education, housing, or health costs during their working lives.
If you're in the habit of going out for lunch every day at work now is the time to consider bringing in leftovers once a week and sock away that $6 to $8," says Gary Foreman, publisher of The Dollar Stretcher.
it could annually buy and sock away nearly 4 percent of our publicly traded stocks.
If ever there were a time to sock away money for future medical needs, it is now.