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Synonyms for sock

Synonyms for sock

a truncated cloth cone mounted on a mast

hit hard

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The partnership will empower Sock Society members to give a piece of their monthly membership to their favorite non-profit of their choice with just a click of a button.
London, Jan 30 (ANI): A Brit survey has found that missing socks are costing each household a staggering 240 pounds a year.
Check out the sneaker style Sock Ons which look like cute baby trainers, perfect for jazzing up your baby's Christmas day outfit.
Under Armour uses various construction techniques depending on the particular sport we are building the sock for; arch support, ankle cinch, ventilation panels and strategic cushioning/strike zones play a major role in building the right socks for today's athletes.
It's tempting to neglect the importance of good socks when so much of a runner's attention--not to mention budget--remains on a proper shoe purchase.
As campers and staff become more proficient and naming and tossing speeds up, the leader may introduce another sock so that two names are being called out and two socks are tossed simultaneously.
What could you do or add to the sock materials to affect their wet-insulation ability?
We hardly ever have sock disappearance when we wash on the 'Normal' setting, which has only one spin cycle," she explains.
8221; Its witty nature makes the sock purchasing experience enjoyable from the time you start browsing until the time your Random Socks arrive in the mail.
ATHOL - Sue Muther helped knit 40 pairs of socks for medical workers who treated her friend Pam Osborne, who died of cancer.
For the past couple of years I have had an increasing sensation of socks bunching up underneath the balls of my feet.