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someone with a sociopathic personality

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Probation reports called him unpredictable - volatility is a symptom of psychopathy and sociopathy - and "constantly striving for status and securing some kind of love.
One of the central aspects of sociopathy is a lack of empathy.
An example is sociopathy, the inability to feel empathy, which seems to have a 56% genetic contribution.
The mass shooting in San Bernardino may give rise to more fear, but murderous gun rampages, an everyday occurrence in the United States, have been set off by workplace resentments, anti-abortion and anti-government zealotry, paranoia, suicidal megalomania, various other forms of sociopathy, and by no evident reasons at all.
However, Stout, though referring to standard professional tools used to assess sociopathy, also questions the conventional legacy of psychiatric classifications:
Her skilled sociopathy enabled her to avoid a criminal conviction for allegedly arranging the long-distance execution of her husband, but now what?
The disorders include such categories as sociopathy, hysterical hyperesthesia, narcissistic personality disorder, pathological egotism, and bi-polar disorder, among others.
impair social cognition, such as sociopathy, borderline personality disorder, schizophrenia, depression and autism.
Intentional mistreatment of animals at an early age is generally considered to be a predicting factor to sociopathy later in life.
In this third edition, criminologist Fox and sociologist Levin reassess some of the prevailing notions about multi-victim homicides, most notable the artificial and often problematic distinctions between serial and mass murders based primarily on the timing, the victim count necessary to quality as serial murder, the uncritical embrace of sociopathy as an explanation, the epidemic thinking about multiple homicide encouraged by excessive media cover, the role of assault weapons in mass shootings, and the nexus between mental illness and mass murder.
Variation in the gene encoding the serotonin transporter is associated with a measure of sociopathy in alcoholics.
If you are not suffering from a serious psychiatric disorder such as Hubris Syndrome or sociopathy, you would not have reasons for attributing significant value to, or singing the praises of, loneliness.
in many ways, Factory Man strikes at the heart of the corporate sociopathy of the shareholder system that allows company owners to outsource their sense of empathy and ethics.
Accused: A Heartbreaking Death and the Quest for Justice is a true crime story about murder, deception, sociopathy, and the failure of Child Protective Services.