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someone with a sociopathic personality

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Psychology Today also notes that "unlike their sociopathic counterparts, psychopathic criminals are cool, calm, and meticulous" - when they commit crimes, they plan every detail and are often much more difficult to catch.
Sociopathic liars often have excellent social skills and come across as charming and likeable.
He is able to deposit the reader into the head of this disturbed, sociopathic young man.
Even after a doctor's report diagnosed Cardinal with various conditions including generalised anxiety disorder and sociopathic tendencies, his unsupervised access to the boys remained.
Efron may be the biggest name on the poster, but this is Quaid's film - and he's as good as he's ever been as the ever-so-slightly sociopathic seed man.
Efron may be the biggest name on the poster but this is Quaid's film - and he's good as the slightly sociopathic seed man.
But then the charming yet sociopathic Pommie, Sparra's former cellmate, tracks him down, and draws Sparra back in to the cruel and violent world he tried to leave behind.
As people worldwide tried to come to grips with the fact that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz intentionally crashed a Germanwings airliner into the French Alps, killing all 149 passengers and crew, psychologists sought to make an important clarification: Early news reports had stressed that Lubitz apparently struggled with depression; he probably did, but an act of this nature cannot be explained by clinical depression alone, but rather by sociopathic aggression.
Actor Marton Csokas was | keen not to give his character, sociopathic gangster Teddy, a stereotypical Russian accent, so imagined he had been living in London for a period of time and gave him a slight Cockney twang.
The second season of Netflix's House of Cards follows Vice President Francis Underwood as he continues his political ascent, powered by the same sociopathic drive featured in season one.
Sociopathic society; a people's sociology of the United States.
Shareholder value thinking causes corporate managers to focus myopically on short-term earnings reports at the expense of long-term performance; discourages investment and innovation; harms employees, customers, and communities; and causes companies to indulge in reckless, sociopathic, and socially irresponsible behaviors.
Although Tina is, at first, horrified and by Chris's actions and his self-serving justification for them it liberates her sociopathic tendencies.
The woman who conducted it wrote, ' … career criminal without remorse, sociopathic and with no redeemable qualities.
Occasionally, the human race produces a cruel, sociopathic beast; Norway's Anders Breivik is a recent vivid example.