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someone with a sociopathic personality

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He is a sex-obsessed sociopath who thinks women are only useful if they can give birth and raise children, and it is manly to promote sexual violence,' De Lima said in a statement.
Then, look again at the definition of sociopath and decide if my comment is rash and uncivil or, sadly, all too accurate.
Ellis recommends the following steps for dealing with a sociopath in your inner circle:
Even without knowing theft personal situations, I could recite chapter and verse how these individuals got caught up in the web that the sociopath weaves so well.
Concealed in its puppet-theater plot is a Jewish joke: Don Juan exists to prove by construction that a devout Christian can be a sociopath, and by extension, that the Christian world can be ruled by sociopaths.
John Wayne Cleaver is a sociopath and a killer, but not just a murderer--a serial killer.
Love Fraud: How Marriage to a Sociopath Fulfilled my Spiritual Plan" tells of author Donna Andersen's unique journey with marriage with who she deems a sociopath lead her to a better and more fulfilling life.
In her often fascinating little book The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout, a clinical psychologist, discusses sociopathy and conscience, including composite sketches of sociopaths she has come across in her career.
A compassionate friend gave me a copy of a book titled The Sociopath Next Door.
Kamiyama is a sociopath who for some reason constantly comes to Morino's rescue.
thieving sociopath but rather an addict who engages in sociopath-like
Ripley, wherein a gay sociopath was met not with catcalls or boycotts but rather an $81 million domestic gross and a place in many gay men's DVD collections.
Dictator, warmonger, mass murderer, sociopath and author.
The Times was too circumspect to label Blair a sociopath, but other publications presented a psychiatric work-up of the perpetrator to show that the problem was not in journalism but in Blair.