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someone with a sociopathic personality

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Most of us are in one humongous abusive relationship with them we are all part of a tragic love story that will stay so for a while, if statistics about abusive relationships are anything to go by.Most politicians are sociopaths, yet we elect them and stay with them even when leaving them is a valid option.
"He is a sociopath because I don't think he has any regard for other people's feelings."
He is a sex-obsessed sociopath who thinks women are only useful if they can give birth and raise children, and it is manly to promote sexual violence,' De Lima said in a statement.
And as we celebrate the birthday of this man today, here are some quotes and sayings, collected from ( and ( by the "high functioning sociopath" that will provide an insight into his mind.
Then, look again at the definition of sociopath and decide if my comment is rash and uncivil or, sadly, all too accurate.
In explaining how sociopaths operate, the authors have defined the Sociopath Empath-Apath triad which show how sociopaths enlist the help of others in order to play their abusive games.
What if there was a genetic test available to reveal if someone would be a violent sociopath later in life?
VVSUPPORTERs of Sociopath at 4-7 probably couldn't believe their eyes when the hot favourite was the first under pressure in the 1m4f handicap at Brighton and the three-year-old put in a laboured display.
Let's hope the white wine drinking sociopath remains for some time before she gets caught out by her big sons.
DEAR ANNIE: You recently printed a letter from a woman who asked if her biological daughter could be a sociopath. Could you please list the characteristics of a sociopath?
We're invited to admire a sociopath. It's a long way from Mandela.
EMMERDALE (7pm ITV) CHAS ends up locked in the cellar of the Woolpack again - not by a serial killing sociopath this time, but by Moira, who is pleading with her not to tell Cain about her past dalliance with James.
5 Heathers (1988) WINONA Ryder turns into a school rebel when she joins forces with a sociopath called JD (Christian Slater) and starts killing off her former friends.
Does Watkins' apparent lack of remorse show he is a true sociopath - with no capacity at all for empathy, and deeply different from most of the rest of us?