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the quantitative study of social relationships

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Perceptions of friendship quality and observed behaviors with friends: How do sociometrically rejected, average, and popular girls differ?
Howes found that children tend to choose friends from among same-sexed peers (1988), and that although popular kindergartners have some friends who are sociometrically rejected, by third grade popular children tend to have almost exclusively nonrejected friends (1990).
The converse is also true: Friendships of sociometrically popular (i.
The concurrent and predictive validity of sociometrically assessed peer acceptance is, in part, related to its remarkable stability (Bonney, 1943; Coie & Dodge, 1983; Roff et al.
1997) reported that children identified as "actively isolated" were found to have pronounced dysfunctions in social cognition, as well as being sociometrically rejected.